In early 2013 one of the orphans we adopted was the little girl pictured below, Sebika. She had neither mother nor father….




But at our orphanage since then, our Lord was gracious to bless little Sebika in an unusual way…

August 2016: Sebika wins Second Place in area-wide singing competition; honored before large crowd

“We are so glad to inform you that there was a singing competition encompassing all the schools in our area of Bhawanipatna. Our Sebika participated on behalf of her school. It was a large competition, and Sebika placed second among the many entrants. She is going to get the award on the evening of August 15—India’s Independence Day. Either the District Collector or the Police Superintendent will present the award to her. Our girls Ajanti and Susama were also selected for giving the best performance of all the children in their school.”
“On the evening of August 15 Sebika was honored by dignitaries of the Kalahandi District in front of a big crowd. As Sebika is not only an orphan but also from a poor tribal background, her winning Second Place was so special. Praise the Lord. He is so good to our children. I give special thanks to my wife Rosy for making Sebika a success before the people.”

July 2015

“Our little orphan girl Sebika was selected for the Excellency exam in the district-level competition and she competed today. Praise the Lord for His blessing and such great improvement in our children.”


Our orphans enjoying supernatural health under extreme physical conditions

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