Kurt & Mary Simms own Simms Electric & trained with Elijah Challenge
August 2013 Report

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The previous week at Plane State Jail I had given my testimony of Jesus Christ calling me to repentance and bringing me into His Kingdom. Last week I shared with them the teaching about the true children of Abraham producing fruit in keeping with repentance honoring God in perfect love: loving God first above all, and loving our brothers and sisters as ourselves.

Following the teaching I told them that God would meet anyone’s challenge or doubts that He is the one and true God. Earlier in my preaching I saw doubt and smiles of unbelief in some that were before me when I told them that many would be healed tonight.

I called for knees and back problems and two women came forward one with constant pain in her legs and the other had long term back issues. My wife Mary laid hand on them and commanded spirits to flee and infirmities to be healed in Jesus’ name, and they were healed completely. After that several others came forward and Mary ministered healing to four more with back problems and antagonizing spirits in their minds, and they were all healed and set free.

While Mary was busy with them, I ministered to a woman who had a problem with seeing at a distance. After I commanded her eyes to see clearly, she tested her vision. She was able to read at a distance words on the dry erase board. Another woman I ministered to a month ago came forward and her back pain had returned. I took authority over the pain and she was completely restored with no pain and total mobility.

There were a total of eight women healed and set free that night. After that I told them that the Lord has showed up in a mighty way and that He was calling them to come into His Kingdom—to repent from their ways and to turn to Him so he could heal them. As John 14:6 says that Jesus is the only way to the Father, I compelled them to come in. 

Glory to God!