Reports from The Elijah Challenge Events in Orissa

Filling the Void in India

Sparks of the gospel starting to spread wildfires in areas of Hindu North India

“…been in the ministry a long time but never came across such teaching…”

India orphans enjoying supernatural health under extreme conditions

200 Punjabis in India accept Christ following miraculous healings

INDIA: Believers beaten with sticks by Fundamentalist Hindus

Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor now converting many Muslims & Hindus

New Testament miracles in a demon & witchcraft-infested Hindu village

INDIA: Over 1,300 accept Christ in two Feeding Events in Punjab

Indian pastors amazed at the REALITY of the miracles seen in the Bible

Over 500 accept Christ in remote region following miracles as in Acts

Family & home delivered from terrifying evil spirits; they accept Christ

Demon-possessed woman set free in Punjab; hundreds accept Christ

Cancer miraculously healed at Feeding Event, many accept Christ

Over 500 Punjabis accept Christ in three Feeding Events

“Stepping out of the boat” – Rip Logan’s Extraordinary, Unforgettable 2015 Mission Trip to India

Powerful miraculous healings with Jesus accompany US Army Special Forces Colonel in India

Unusual & powerful miracles accompany Texas family of five in India; Hindus accept Christ

Christ glorified through miraculous healings among Sikhs in India

Extraordinary Reports: Mission Trip to India, November 2015

“Everyone raised their hands” to accept Jesus at Feeding Event in India following powerful miracles

Dead man comes back to life to hear the gospel, then passes on

Official from the Office of India’s Prime Minister Modi accepts Christ

Sikh village: “The power was so strong like in the Book of Acts”

Methodists in India accept Jesus Christ

Over one million people accept Christ at single event in India (2015)

1,000,000 souls come to Christ at Tent Meeting in Guntur, India (2014)

700 Hindus accept Christ in 3 Feeding Events in India

April 2014: About 1500 believers in different villages in Haridwar, India

Miraculous healings accompany Indian evangelists trained by Elijah Challenge  

300 village Hindus accept Christ under a big mango tree following miraculous healings  

Entire remote village in Orissa comes to Christ following miraculous healings

Thousands of Hindus come to Christ where Australian missionary was martyred in 1999

150 Hindu Dalits accept Christ at remote village following powerful miracles Several hundred Hindus accept Christ at Feeding Event in New Delhi

A Baptist to his Baptist friends: “I hope you are not offended”  700 Hindus turn to Christ at Christmas 2013 Feeding Event in Delhi where many were miraculously healed

Historic: Hindus come to Christ following miraculous healings in Fundamentalist-dominated area in India

40 police officers guard meeting in Hyderabad, India where Hindus witness miracles & accept Christ

Dying Church of North India (CNI) congregation revived with miraculous healings

North India: 42,000 people accepting Jesus Christ in 4 days

Unreached people group in Orissa, India comes to Christ following healings

1,400 Hindus receive Christ at Event with Elijah Challenge-trained disciples in Bihar, India

150 families baptized following Feeding Event in Haryana, India

Unconscious Hindu woman wakes up, set free from witchcraft curse over the telephone in Jesus’ name

Over 200 Kandha tribal people in Orissa experience miraculous healings & accept the Christ

No medical cure for Hindu man with malaria, but God healed him

Two hundred people from Hindu Fundamentalist (RSS) group come to Christ following miracles

“Unplanned” church planted in unreached village as infirm Catholics healed “unexpectedly”

1,000 souls repent & return to Jesus Christ following New Testament miracles

Over 400 Hindus in Bihar, India accept Christ at village Feeding Event & Crusade

300 Hindus including Dalits accept Christ in poor village following miraculous healings

The blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, and many hundreds accept Christ

Alcoholics set free, the sick healed and the poor saved in remote tribe

Evangelist trained by Subodh at Baptist Church now ministers with great power

The blind see, the deaf hear, the poor hear the good news in Dhrabali

The gospel is preached & the sick are healed in Amritsar—the Sikh holy place with Simon Haqq

500 Hindus accept Christ at Christmas 2012 Feeding Event with Simon Haqq

Retired Police Constable Healed at a Distance with Subodh Jena Kumar

Boy born deaf and dumb hears and speaks at Feeding Event; 200+ accept Christ with Subodh Jena Kumar

Reports of the miraculous from servants of God trained by Subodh Jena Kumar in Orissa

Hindu leader crashes meeting but repents after witnessing many miracles with Subodh Jena Kumar in Orissa

Miraculous healings shock a traditional American Baptist Church in India with Subodh Jena Kumar in Orissa

Hindu man miraculously healed at a distance from life-threatening demonic attack with Subodh Jena Kumar in Orissa

Followers of witchcraft turn to Christ after miraculous healings with Subodh Jena Kumar in Orissa

Miraculous healings in the traditional Church of North India (CNI) with Subodh Jena Kumar of Orissa

1,200 Hindus accept Christ; hundreds healed miraculously at a distance  September 2012 Feeding Event in North India

Miracles in Kandhamal, India – site of intense persecution again believers in 2008 with Subodh Jena Kumar in Orissa – August 2012

350 Hindus accept Christ at Feeding Event in Haryana, North India  July 2012 Feeding Event with Simon Haqq

August 2012 Feeding Event in Punjab  Tumors and growths vanish instantly, many turn to Christ

July 2012 Feeding Event in Haryana Over 350 accept Jesus Christ

July 2012 in Dhenkana, Orissa  Gospel arrives at unreached Hindu village with power; 150+ accept Christ

June 2012 in Haridwar, Uttarakhand  Demons leave the children and go to the dogs

“Amazing things in India”  A brief testimony regarding Simon Haqq – June 2012

June 2012 in Orissa Miracles & salvation in remote mountaintop village in Orissa May 2012 Feeding Event  Rajasthan Church with 5 members explodes after Feeding Event

April 2012 Feeding Event  Brahmans accept Christ

January 2012 Feeding Events  Over 700 cult members accept Christ after seeing videotaped miracles at Feeding Event

Christmas 2011 Feeding Event  Many infirm people are healed and demons flee as 7,000 Hindus accept Christ

December 2011 Testimony  Son of high government official healed; $19,000 offering refused by servant of God

December 2011 Report  76 churches have been planted in the state of Uttar Pradesh alone

November 2011 Feeding Event in Nazaf Grah  Food miraculously multiplied for the poor at Feeding Event?

October 2011 Feeding Event I in Sonipat, Haryana  The blind see, the deaf hear, twisted limbs straightened; gospel proclaimed openly for 1st time in 25 years

September 2011 Feeding Event II in Punjab  12 churches each see 25-30 new believers the following Sunday 

September 2011 Event I in Badrigrah, Haridwar  Furious Hindu militants drive out and ban evangelists after hundreds accept Christ 

August 2011 Feeding Event II in Punjab Nikoder  250 Hindus accept Christ; new church planted; 74 believers trained

August 2011 2nd Feeding Event I: Old Delhi  Over 200 slum people of old Delhi accept Christ

August 2011: Feeding Event near holy Hindu city of Haridwar  Approximately 230 Hindus stand to accept Christ

June 2011: Two Feeding Events  Kishan Pur (a village in Rourke) and Sahran Pur Colony – 500+ accept Christ

May 2011: Dabua Village in Ferozepur, Punjab  300 Hindus accept Jesus Christ

April 2011: Haridwar District, a most holy place for Hindus  130 receive Christ and all attend the first Sunday service of the church plant

March 2011: Bihar   Over 800 Hindus accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

Delhi Feeding Event – Christmas Day 2010  590 Hindus accept Christ

Basic Training at Church of North India, Uttarakhand – December 2010  474 believers from traditional mainline church trained to heal the sick

Village Saharanpur Feeding Event, Uttar Pradesh – November 2010  428 Hindus believe on Christ; two new churches planted

New Delhi Basic Training II – November 2010  82 servants of God gather from different states of North India for Basic Training II 

Village Garibkhana Feeding Event, Haryana – October 2010  358 Hindus accept Jesus Christ; new church planted in poverty-stricken unreached village

Village Sirsa Feeding Event, Haryana – September 2010  419 Hindus accept Christ; three new churches planted in one Feeding Event

Mhavier Enclave Feeding Event, Delhi – August 2010  244 Hindus believe on Christ; new congregation planted  

Thrilok Puri Feeding Event, Delhi – July 2010  248 Hindus accept Christ; 168 attend first service of new church plant

Village Masuda Ajmer Feeding Event, Rajasthan – June 2010  355 Hindu-Musl__m Rajasthanis accept Jesus Christ

India Report – June 2010  Churches trained by The Elijah Challenge are now the fastest-growing churches in North India

City of Agra Feeding Event, Uttar Pradesh – May 2010  302 Hindus accept Christ in city of famed Taj Mahal

Village Devbhan Feeding Event, Uttar Pradesh – April 2010  340 Hindus accept Christ

Village Vikas Nagar Feeding Event, Uttarakhand – March 2010  60-370 Hindus accept Christ

Village Panjeke Feeding Event, Punjab – February 2010  365 Punjabi Hindus receive Christ; 190 attend first service of new church plant

Allipur Village Feeding Event, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh – January 26, 2010  280 Hindus accept Jesus Christ; new church planted

Kalavati Hospital Grounds Feeding Event, New Delhi – December 23, 2009  574 Hindus accept Christ; four new churches planted

Village Sonia Vihar Feeding Event, Uttar Pradesh – November 2009  335 Hindus accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

Village Lal Ghar Feeding Event, North Punjab – October 12, 2009  165 new believers (from Hinduism) attend first worship service of new church

Aghrthal Mandi Feeding Event, Punjab – August 14, 2009  270 Punjabis come to Christ

Uttam Nagar East Feeding Event, Astala, Delhi – July 21, 2009  310 Hindus give their lives to Jesus Christ and two Elijah Challenge Churches planted

Gahllgate Feeding Event, Amritsar District, Punjab, May 28, 2009  315 Punjabis come to Christ from Hindu Valmikie tribe

Krishna Colony Feeding Event, Uttam Nagar, East Delhi, June 21, 2009  God sends rain during heat spell as pastors pray; 3 churches planted

Village Ahtoda Feeding Event, Uttar Pradesh, April 14, 2009  268 Hindus from the Thakur people group in unreached village accept Christ

Village Dwarala Feeding Event, Uttar Pradesh, March 20, 2009  360 Hindus accept Christ at unreached village dominated by 15 Hindu temples

Mitta Pur Village Feeding Event, Delhi, February 26, 2009  380 Hindus accept Christ and 3 new churches planted at Feeding Event

Muzafer Nagar District Feeding Event, 19 January 2009 300 Hindus accept Christ as gospel preached on Hindu temple grounds

Bhangla Saheb Road Feeding Event, New Delhi, Christmas Day 2008 Six new churches planted at a single Feeding Event

Shajanpur, Village Panapur, 14 December 2008 240 new believers attend first meeting of new church

Feerojpur, Punjab, 16 November 2008 240 Hindus & Sikhs accept Christ at Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event Thahirpur Village, Delhi, 19 October 2008

290 Hindus accept Christ at Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Jammu & Kashmir, 18 September 2008 Over 400 Hindus & M___s accept Christ at Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Rohini Village, New Delhi, 16 September 2008 214 Hindus accept Christ at Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Kahve Village, Amritsar District, Punjab, August 2008 Report of foot multiplied at Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Dabuwa, Haryana, July 2008 234 new believers attend first Sunday Service in newly-planted church

New Delhi, July 2008 Advanced Elijah Challenge Training 

Quaidia, Punjab, June 2008 “A very powerful Elijah Challenge Church has been planted”

Kondally Slum area of New Delhi, May 2008 Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Bejholi Kavinaagar Apur Road, Uttar Pradesh, April 2008 Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Bejli-Sardana, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, March 2008 Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

J. J. Colony near New Delhi, February 2008 Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

The Persecuted Tharu Tribe in Sitargang, January 2008 The most persecuted tribe in North India

Bhim Colony Ali Village, Uttar Pradesh, January 2008 Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Vasant Village, Uttar Pradesh, December 2007 Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Kallianpury, Uttar Pradesh, December 2007  Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Noida, October 2007 Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Orissa, October 2007 Hosted by John Thomas of Shalom Ministries

Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, October 2007 Elijah Challenge Training & Crusade with Simon Haqq

Trivandrum, Kerala, September 2007 Hosted by Harvest Ministries International & sponsored by Full Gospel Assembly Melbourne

Chotpur, Uttar Pradesh, September 2007 Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event

Sijarsi, Uttar Pradesh, July 2007 The very first Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Feeding Event in India

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, May 2007 “An Historic Event for Nameless Believers”

Dehra Dun, March 2006 at the foothills of the Himalayas

New Delhi, April 2003 The first Crusade in New Delhi in five years

Orissa, April 2003 Initial visit to the poorest state in India

Tamil Nadu & Kerala, South India, December 2001 Blind & deaf woman healed; cancer healed

Kalimpong, West Bengal – November 2000 Pastor John ministers “mass healing”

North India, September – November 2000 Forty unforgettable days in India & Pakistan

Manipur, March 2000 Historic mission to the Mao tribe of Manipur