“I have just received an urgent prayer request from our Elijah Challenge Pastor Junul Purty. Last month I shared with you that he is very busy nowadays reaching Hindu villages with the gospel.”

Goddess fails to heal woman after sacrifice, but Jesus healed her for free

“Last week he went to a village where he preached the gospel and ministered to the sick in the name of Jesus Christ. After experiencing miraculous healings three Hindu families accepted Christ.

But somehow this news was reported to the Hindu leader in Bhubaneswar (the capital of Orissa). A group of Hindu fundamentalists went to the village with the leader. They forcefully expelled the three families from that village except for an old couple called Papa and Mama who were forced to stay behind by themselves in the home. The families are very anxious and upset. Nobody knows what will happen to elderly Papa and Mama. Pastor Junul requested that you pray for them. We are scheduled to be there at the end of February.”

-Subodh Jena, Elijah Challenge Coordinator
November 2015


Update from Subodh Jena – November 6, 2015

“This morning I had a talk with our Elijah Challenge Pastor Junul regarding the three families who were driven out from their village [after accepting the Lord Jesus]. Now they are staying in the village of relatives—far from their own village. The elderly Papa and Mama also left and are staying with them in the other village.

Pastor Junul shared with us that the three families had gone to the police in their village and informed them about what had taken place. But the police took no action at all for them. They had received money from the Hindus in the village and so sided with them.

Please pray for those new believers as well as for Pastor Junul. He is serving in one of the most dangerous areas in India—where Australian medical missionary Dr. Graham Staines and his two young sons were burned alive by fundamentalist Hindus in 1999.”

Original report on the three families
Reports from TEC India Coordinator Subodh Jena