What resulted in this new harvest of souls for the gospel in Punjab?

Last November 2015 a team from The Elijah Challenge USA conducted a Training Event in Amritsar, the capital of the Indian state of Punjab. Some excerpts from the report…

A man in his forties totally deaf since birth was brought forward for healing prayer at the Elijah Challenge Training Event in Amritsar, the capital of the state of Punjab in India and the center of the Sikh religion. Here tourists flock to visit the “Golden Temple” of the Sikh religion which centers its worship on various gurus who have passed on. Some Sikh men wear turbans to cover their hair which has never been cut.

Pastor Simon Haq of Delhi had brought together about 250 Punjabi servants of God for this Training Event. They had received the teaching very enthusiastically, breaking out into praise periodically during the teaching. Even though it was based solely on the scriptures which detail the ministry of our Lord Jesus healing the sick and casting out demons, it was eye-opening for them. During the demonstrations of healing in the morning and afternoon, various believers came up to the stage and were prayed over. Every one of them testified that the Lord had healed them, including the man totally deaf since birth.

The Punjabi servants of God were highly encouraged and accepted the challenge to take the gospel to the thousands of unreached villages in Punjab according to the command of Jesus to his disciples: “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘the kingdom of God has come near to you’ ” (Luke 10:9).  “So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere (Luke 9:6).

What happened after that…

Earlier this month (May 2016) teams of Punjabi servants of God trained by The Elijah Challenge last November held Feeding Events in three unreached villages in Punjab. The Elijah Challenge provided the funds for each Feeding Event.


Here is the report on these three Feeding Events from Pastor Simon Haq:

“Our first mini-Feeding Event in the state of Punjab was a great success. Our Elijah Challenge-trained pastor Sanjeev ministered at the event, and 120 people gave their lives to the LORD. This event was in Ferozepur District in a village called Tanka Wali Basti. Many were miraculously healed as he prayed over the sick as he was taught in the Elijah Challenge Training.

Our second mini-Feeding Event in Punjab was in a village called Rati Ahemed Pur. Ninety Punjabis were saved in the event. This was the first time a gospel gospel event was organised in this village. Pastor Hanok said he will be starting a home church in this village.

Our regular Feeding Event was in Arya Basti Freed Kot in Punjab. 380 people gave their lives to the Lord. Hundreds were miraculously healed of their infirmities. One outstanding miracle there involved was a girl who had fractured her leg in an accident. She had a plaster cast on her leg. After we laid hands on her she felt the pain leave. She got up and walked normally. The Lord had joined together her fractured bones.”

Reports on the Elijah Challenge in India