“It was wonderful to see hundreds of people at this Baptist event for the Kui Tribal people accept Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives.

My Kui hosts shared with me a brief history how they became Christians in 1988. Many of the villagers suffering from frequent sicknesses. Their gods and goddess would require of them both human and animal sacrifices from time to time. Although sacrificing human beings and animals from time to time was a very heavy burden for them, they had no choice. Eventually the sacrifices became their custom.



One day in a dream their goddess demanded a bigger sacrifice, threatening to kill many of the villagers if they did not offer the sacrifice. They were very frightened as they are a poor tribal people and would have difficulty affording such an offering to the goddess.

And so they began to search for the God who has more power than their gods. They went here and there and came upon a pastor. He later went to their village during which time they explained all these things to him. The pastor explained to them that our Lord Jesus is above all gods and goddess on earth. He shared that Jesus is the only Way. In this way, the Kui villagers accepted Jesus Christ.



I ministered at their sixth annual meeting. There the Lord did great things for so many people. They were healed from various diseases such as blindness, deafness, problems with their feet, joint pain, back pain, migraine headaches, and much more.”

March 2017 Report from Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India


Vision restored in Jesus’ name

Above & below: hearing restored


Above & below: testimonies of miraculous healing