“A school teacher was planning to build a house. He went into the jungle to get some wood for a door and the windows. A carpenter went with him into the jungle to cut down a tree. They were very surprised to find a human skull inside the trunk of the tree. They couldn’t believe it. Frightened, they stopped chopping down the tree.

They came to know that Hindus were worshiping the tree as their goddess. [It’s possible that the skull was implanted inside the tree years ago, and the tree grew up around it.]

By Subodh Jena Kumar
Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa, India

After a few days all the labourers, including the school teacher, were afflicted. Each one of them had his hand and leg paralyzed on one side of his body. They went and spent much money on medical treatment, but could not fully recover.

The school teacher came to our Elijah Challenge Training Event in pain. He had gone to a big hospital and many scans were done on him. But all the reports came back normal. He was very afraid, and shared all this with us. We commanded the demonic attack to leave in the name of Jesus Christ, and at the very moment our Almighty God touched him. The pain left instantly. He began to move his leg freely without any pain. The school teacher and others present accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We held two such Elijah Challenge Training Events this month—one in Ambaguda near the town of Jaipur and another one in Bhaliapani.

The ministry of The Elijah Challenge:
“Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight!”

Our Feeding Event was held in a remote village called Sapeli. It was a great joy for us to walk on a difficult road for a few kilometers to get there. The most amazing thing was that although nearly throughout the state of Orissa there was wind, rain, lightning and thunder, in that particular area not a single drop of water fell. The villagers were amazed to see it. The Lord healed several diseases and approximately 200 villagers accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

An elderly woman at the Event was not able to lift up her arm for the past five years. Since it was paralyzed she was not able to do any work with her hand.  She used to go into the jungle to tend to her farm, but because of her paralyzed hand she could not work to earn her living. But she came to our Elijah Challenge Feeding Event with much expectation of a healing touch. Miraculously the Lord healed her and she was able to hold her arm up for a few minutes.”

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar


Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in the village of Sapeli


Above: feeding the villagers

Elijah Challenge Training Event below with Pastors


Subodh teaching the pastors

The laying on of hands for healing in Jesus’ name 

Testimony of physical healing following the laying on of hands