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Note: “D” in this article refers to the predominant religion in the Middle East

The pastors of Katy, Texas, twenty-five miles east of Houston, considered their town blessed. Unlike other towns in the Houston area there were no pagan temples for the worship of foreign gods in Katy. There were no places of worship set apart for the “D” religion in their community. However, with the adherents of the “D” religion aggressively spreading their religion throughout the west, it would be only a matter of time before such a place of worship would go up—that is, if the pastors of Katy did not actively equip and mobilize the followers of Jesus Christ to preach the gospel to them in the power of miraculous signs.

Thus at this moment a place of worship for the “D” religion is being planned for construction in Katy. Godly leaders of Katy are now calling the faithful to pray to the God of heaven in order to bring the program to a halt. This is of course essential. However, if all we do is gather together to pray—and nothing else—the advance of the “D” religion in Katy will be inexorable. Sooner of later their place of worship will go up. And then perhaps another. What must we do?

Even as we pray, we must systematically equip the body of Christ in Katy how to proclaim the kingdom of God to the sons of Ishmael in the power of miraculous signs and healing. It is known that they are very impressed by the miraculous. We must also train believers to become missionaries to the sons of Ishmael and show them how to contextualize the gospel to their culture and way of thinking. We should not preach a “western” or traditional gospel to them, but a “pure” gospel from which unnecessary westernization has been removed. The traditional approach involving conversion is generally distasteful to them.

In contrast, the approach of contextualization can bring about a mass movement of these souls into the kingdom of God. This is already beginning to take place in a certain country which has more of them than any other country on earth. After being trained by The Elijah Challenge, local servants of God have won over thirty “unreachable” villages to Isa Almasih, which is Jesus Christ in Arabic. Please click on the link below to read about what is being accomplished in that country as well as the scriptural approach which is being employed there. The same approach can be utilized in Katy and anywhere in the West where the “D” religion is advancing.