By Hector, a “nameless” disciple of Jesus Christ
February 28, 2015

After receiving The Elijah Challenge Training, my family and I were excited to apply what we had just learned. Little did we imagine that we would be put to the test that same week! I have a younger sister name Ruby who works in the Lafayette Reception Hall, which accommodates weddings, sweet sixteen events, birthdays, anniversaries, large meetings, etc. Ruby manages the sales along with her boss Angela.


On one occasion my sister Ruby told my father and me that her boss Angela early one Monday morning had seen a man with strange attire leaving some incense and doing some ritual around the parking lot of her business. When we first heard of this we were surprised and a bit uncertain what we should do.  

The following day I received a distress call from my sister Ruby around 4:00 pm. She was shaken up, explaining to me that this time she also saw what appeared to be a witch doctor doing some sort of ritual and leaving incense sticks around the parking lot. She said when the witch doctor saw them pulling into the parking lot he left quickly. Ruby decided to follow him in their car, and to their surprise he walked into a business a couple hundred feet from the reception hall.

This time there was no doubt he was a witch doctor seeing the name of his business: “The Seven Owls” in English translated from Spanish. I told Ruby to be calm and not to worry. I and my Dad would go there and pray. When my Dad heard what had happened he was speechless. I told Ruby we would go and pray that same day at 7 pm after we got off work.

As the time drew near for me and my Dad to pray, we began to doubt. I had a battle within me as I knew we would be facing evil. The enemy was making my Dad and me fear and doubt. We were reminded that we are not pastors or missionaries. Although we have served the Lord and seen many of his miracles, this time we had a huge battle to fight.

My Dad didn’t want to go anymore, but I told him, “we must go, for it’s not something God can’t handle. You see, we are being put to the test with a witch doctor right after The Elijah Challenge Training. It’s God’s plan. He knows and we must trust him.” My Dad agreed, and we went.

Arriving at the reception hall we found both Ruby and Angela shaken. I could see how the enemy had injected fear into them through the witch doctor. We told them not to be afraid. Angela also confessed that she had seen the man in her parking lot on a previous occasion, and since then their business had been bad. They had not been able to close a single contract for months.

In the reception hall that evening we encountered a totally black cat which had somehow broken in through a commercial air conditioning vent—no easy feat, requiring a lot of force for a cat. My Dad and I opened the door to let the cat out. It seemed to want to run and hide from us, but it was not afraid of Angela or Ruby. It had fallen in through the A/C vent in the ceiling and given them quite a scare. My Dad opened the door and it left.

After that we prayed to the Lord. Following prayer we commanded the witchcraft to leave in Jesus’ name as we had learned with The Elijah Challenge. We also prayed for contracts to be signed. We didn’t take more than 5 minutes. Afterwards Angela was crying, feeling a sense of peace along with Ruby. We left after conversing with them for a couple more minutes. 

Later that same week on Friday I received a call from Ruby saying they were receiving customers for the first time in a long while. Her boss Angela decided to hold an open house that same weekend. Ruby told us she closed five contracts for over $7,000 each and that Angela closed two more contracts for $4,000 each! All these happened the same week that we went to pray in their reception hall! Ruby and Angela were both amazed! My sister even went to an Elijah Challenge Training Event, and although Angela could not attend she is eager to attend the next Training Event.

These events happened a couple weeks ago. This week Ruby came to tell us that Angela received news from a former customer that the witch doctor is closing down his shop!  Angela was so amazed at these things. When she heard this news, moreover, she was just finishing closing two of the biggest contracts she’s ever done, with her customers paying cash! We are all rejoicing and glad at what the Lord has done and will continue to do. I believe the Lord will use us to bear much fruit here. 


“The Seven Owls” encircled going out of business


Close-up view of  “7 Buhos” (in English “The Seven Owls”)


To all those who read my testimony let me say that there are still witch doctors. They are not only in Latin America and Africa, but here in America in our very own backyards. [The drug cartels who are coming to America likely utilize them, and we need to learn how to protect ourselves with the power of Jesus’ name.] There are still people out there in bondage, and we must take the gospel to them so they can be free!”

Angela has agreed to host The Elijah Challenge Training at her reception hall later this year—to include an evangelistic service for Spanish-speaking people in the evening.