“In a completely unreached Hindu village there was a man who had been very weak over a period of three years. He had difficulty walking and was so helpless he could hardly do anything. The family took him to a doctor who did several scans and other tests. But he did not find anything. They tried various treatments including allopathic medicine, but there was no improvement.

The family heard about our Elijah Challenge workers, and called them for prayer. Two of our brothers went to the village and began ministering to the man in the name of Jesus Christ.

To their surprise all of sudden the man’s wife started shouting. “I will kill him and not let him go,” she screamed. For a few minutes nonstop the demon manifest itself through the wife, shrieking and screeching. Our Elijah Challenge workers calmly ministered to both of them, and the demon came out of the man and his wife.

Following this extraordinary deliverance, the man was able to walk. The whole family as well as one of the relatives accepted our Lord Jesus. A new fellowship has started up in that village.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in India
February 2019

From earlier this month:

Seven more house churches planted so far this month in Fundamentalist Hindu region