“Between November 30 and December 3, 2017, the Christian Community of Jaboticabal in the state of Sao Paulo, under the care of Pastor Ricardo Meni and his team, was taught the Elijah Challenge Evangelistic Training.



The training, taught by Elijah Challenge Brazil Coordinators Pastors Ricardo and Thaís Bueno, aims to bring to the disciples of Jesus the awareness of the power and authority that we have already received from Christ for the purpose of healing the sick and preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God and hundreds of members of the Christian Community of Jaboticabal took part of it.

We began on Thursday evening with the first training session and there the disciples understood that they should not only pray for the sick but rather heal them in the name of Jesus. In the first night about a hundred people were miraculously healed of innumerable diseases and freed from evil spirits that brought various diseases of the soul, including sadness and depression.



Immediate healings of headache, sore throat, knees, shoulders, completely disappearing hernias, growths that have withered to disappear, many people with spine locked up who have recovered their movement immediately, restored sight and hearing, problems in the uterus and ovaries, gastritis, among many other miracles the Lord accomplished. [Below the people who were miraculously healed are lining up to testify what the Lord had just done for them.]






The trained disciples laid hands on those who went ahead and healed them using the authority that there is in the name of Jesus over diseases and demons. The training continued on Friday and Saturday and many other sufferers were miraculously healed, even when ministered at a distance over the telephone. Many immediately witnessed the healing received.




On Sunday morning the disciples were sent in small groups to make the visits from house to house and to heal the sick in their own homes. The teams went from house to house in Jaboticabal, Guariba and Taiaçu. Great were the wonders fulfilled by the Lord in these three towns. Many sick people were healed in their homes, acknowledging Jesus as Lord and Savior. Approximately 150 houses were visited.




The youth and adolescents who went from house to house were amazed at how diseases and demons were subjected to them in the name of Jesus in order to preach the Gospel of salvation.

We ended the training days with an evangelistic service on Sunday night in Jaboticabal and Guariba. About 30 people recognized Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives.



Senior Pastor Ricardo Meni of Christian Community of Jaboticabal

We praise God for this wonderful opportunity to train the brethren in Christ of Jaboticabal and pray that it will be just the beginning of a tremendous time of healing and conversion to the Lord Jesus. 
All honor, all glory, and all praise belong to God alone.”

Submitted by Pastors Ricardo and Thaís Bueno, Elijah Challenge Coordinators for Brazil


“Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ ” Luke 10:9


Above: Host Pastor Ricardo Meni at left with Ricardo & Thais Bueno