“My wife Anna got a call late last week from one of her friends asking what to do about her nephew in Cebu, a city in the Philippines.

The nephew was having two-hour violent epileptic seizures. Also, he was obviously demonized because there were multiple voices coming out of him saying that they own him and that he is lost forever. A Catholic priest in the area arrived and put a cross on the man’s mouth and sprinkled him with holy water. This only made the demons scream and complain that they were burning. But they stayed in the man.

His aunt, Anna’s friend, asked Anna what to do. Anna and I discussed this, prayed about it and then asked for permission to set up a three-way call between us, the aunt and the demoniac. The aunt was an atheist. We prayed before the phone call for God’s boldness, wisdom, direction and protection.

Jesus revealed to us that the man had been overcome with anger, resentment, bitterness and depression at how his life was going and that these were the entry points that the enemies had used. When we were about to minister deliverance to him over the telephone, the man fell into a deep sleep. We felt that was the enemy trying to avoid being evicted. The man hadn’t been sleeping much at all because of all of the seizures. 

Don & Anna Parbery are disciples based
in Gold Coast, Australia

Reports from Don & Anna


We prayed again about what to do and the answer was to leave it—because a Christian minister in the Philippines was now there with the man. But Anna was able to explain spiritual things to her friend about her nephew, and about God and the salvation offered by Christ.

The lady accepted Christ as Saviour because she now knew that the unseen world is real. She also got to see dramatic improvements and breakthroughs in her nephew’s life because of the ministry that we and the local believers had already done. We had wanted to order the enemies out in the name of Jesus but we needed to respect the involvement of the local believers and let them handle the situation. That was good for us—keeping us humble to acknowledge that God knows best and that He will work everything out for good.

The man has now talked about his resentment, anger, bitterness, pride and hate and is making steps toward making changes. The unclean spirits are now hardly manifesting. When they do, it is not long. Before we and the local believers ministered to him, the demons would manifest for hours.”

March 2015