Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

“Praise the Lord! It is so good to hear from our workers how God is using them to heal the sick and cast out demons in an instant. Thank you very much for your prayer and support.

Sridevi and her husband were childless even after five years of marriage. From time to time the couple would quarrel. In her village nearby one of our house fellowships was meeting regularly. Sridevi began to attend, and after two months accepted Christ. Then she conceived. Last month our almighty God blessed her with a baby boy after a miraculous delivery. Now both Sridevi and her husband are strong in faith and actively sharing their faith with others in their village.

Sangita Pradhan had been suffering from a painful burning sensation in her leg (often thought to be the result of witchcraft). At first she went to the hospital where medication was prescribed for her. After three months there was no change. Her family then summoned a sorcerer who performed a sacrifice for her as well as giving her some medicine. But it was to no avail. Finally she heard about our Elijah Challenge workers. She called them to come minister to her. She was miraculously healed in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ.

In the village of Panchmahala lived a man named Shiva who suffered from a mental disorder. His Hindu family did not want him to meet with our workers. They had spent a lot of money going to various places for treatment but without success. Finally as a last resort on two occasions they brought Shiva to the home of our workers requesting prayer. Our workers ministered to Shiva in the name of Jesus, and the Lord miraculously touched him. He is now in complete control of his mental faculties. His Hindu family believed and accepted Christ.

Jasinta Lakra had been tormented by demons. It was the first time I had heard of such a thing. The demon would cause her to see double. She would also see a group of demons going here and there attacking people in the village. When our workers entered her family’s house she began shouting and screaming. But with great authority in Jesus’ name our workers commanded the demons to leave Jasinta. They obeyed and came out of her. 

A man named Satrughana had been possessed by a demon spirit for a long time. Although it was not all the time, during a particular Hindu festival the demon would enter his body and cause him to do all kinds of unusual things. Things belonging inside the house he would move outside, and vice versa. The moment our workers touched him the demon shouted, saying “you came to trouble me!” Then when our workers rebuked it in Jesus’ name, the demon threw Satrughana down to the ground, and left.  He and his family accepted Christ.

 All the glory to God.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in Orissa
Spring 2019