“We had a very fruitful Feeding Event in a very remote and hilly area. We had to go on foot up to this region with a few of our trained workers.



It was a completely unreached village in the hill country taking us hours to reach on foot.

On our way up, we met an elderly man (below) and asked him about Jesus Christ. ‘Have you ever heard the name of Jesus Christ?’

He replied: ‘Who is Jesus, is he our country’s government leader?’



After sharing the gospel with him we reached the village. Most of the villagers were drunkards. As I walked into the village the smell was unbearable.

They are very poor and uneducated. There is no school, and no water facility.


We preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, and at the end of the event fed them a very nice meal.

Over three hundred people accepted Christ after witnessing the overwhelming evidence of the powerful miraculous healings.




Testimonies of miraculous healings: compelling evidence of the absolute truth of the gospel to these villagers 

An elderly woman’s back had been bent over for two years after a severe bout with malaria. Just doing daily chores would cause her severe pain. Her family could not take her to a hospital since it was so far from their remote region.

But our Lord Jesus healed her instantly. She was able to stand up straight and walk without difficulty.

A young man named Ramudu (below) had very poor and blurry eyesight. He had severe problems seeing especially at night.

But the Lord healed him and he was able to see clearly.



An elderly woman named Kasturi (below) was completely blind. But wonderfully her eyes were opened after I ministered to her.

People were astonished by the instant miraculous healing, and they testified that that they had never seen such a thing in their entire lives.

Jesus was glorified there and and his wonderful name was proclaimed.



 A young man named Garu (below) was suffering from very painful hemorrhoids. He had been taking medication for three months hoping to avoid an operation.

When I ministered to him it suddenly disappeared. He was so glad and thrilled for the miracle the Lord had done for him.



An elderly woman named Champa (below) was suffering from a migraine headache, and it was especially severe during the winter. She was healed at our Feeding Event.”







Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
February 2019

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