At a very fruitful Elijah Challenge Training, around one hundred servants of God and their wives were in attendance. The venue was in a region called Bissumcuttack. There were from Pentecostal, Lutheran and Baptist churches.

Praise God that He helped me to equip the servants of God to excel in their ministry. The Lord did some significant miraculous healings during the Event. It was a real blessing for them to be trained in order to be very fruitful in ministry.

An elderly man named Jacub had become deaf for a few years in one ear following a bout with severe malaria. We ministered to him with the Lord’s power and authority, and instantly his hearing was completely restored. See below.



Jacub can hear!

Another elderly gentleman named Suresh (below) was the father of one of the pastors who had been in active ministry for ten years. He had had a problem in the lower part of his stomach for two years. I had the servants of God lay hands on him, and the Lord healed him instantly. 



Suresh testifies his stomach is healed

A sister named Kusum had disease in her backbone for the past five years. She had taken medication and from time to time she took pain killers. The sisters present at the Training ministered to her, and she was miraculously healed.


Kusum’s back is healed



-Submitted by Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator Subodh Jena