Dr. Davy Hermanus is The Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world with more Muslims than any other nation. Below are Davy’s reports from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Kesembuhan di satu gereja di Tanjung Pinang Kepulauan Riau: tuli dari lahir mendengar
11-year-old boy deaf and mute from birth is healed in Jesus’ name

“After the fourth session of the Training held by Elijah Challenge Indonesia in collaboration with the Assemblies of God-CWS Tanjung Pinang with host Rev. Jerry Tobing, a seminar participant brought his nephew (an unbeliever) to receive healing ministry.

The child was not at all able to hear and speak as he was born deaf. I invited participants and the boy to step forward for a demonstration of healing in front of the audience. I invited Rev. Jerry Tobing to minister the healing with me for the purpose of proving that our Lord Jesus Christ is alive, and able to heal through us as a message to the people that they may believe that miraculous healing is still valid as in the Scriptures.

First I led prayer to the Lord that He would lead our work in healing the sick as affirmation of the teaching which had been received by the participants. Then I put my finger into his left ear and ask Rev. Jerry to put his finger into the other ear. Then we cast out the deaf and dumb spirit, commanding the ear to be open in the name of Jesus.

After the first time of ministry there was no change in the boy’s hearing. I ministered to him a second time, but still there was no change in his condition. Our faith was being challenged. After still another round of ministry there was still no change. A thought went through my mind that I should give up for the time being, but my heart was compelled by the Spirit of God to push on again, especially since the child was from a Buddhist family. I felt the occasion could be a good opportunity to be a witness to his Buddhist parents. The uncle who brought him to our Seminar was a believer.

I told the audience that we would minister to the boy again. We invited the believers to join us. Firmly and without hesitation we both commanded the deafness to go in Jesus’ name. After we spoke to him to test his hearing, the boy smiled and nodded his head, glancing at me that he had heard something. I told him to repeat the words “Jesus, Jesus” and he tried to follow me! The first words he ever heard and repeated were the name of our Lord.

We ministered to him one or two more times for his complete healing. After that I asked the keyboardist to lead us in hearty worship unto the Lord. The children were especially happy to hear our songs of praise!

Praise God for doing this mighty work in our midst to confirm the teaching on miraculous healing as evidence to the world that Jesus is the Son of God. We had persevered in ministering healing to this boy ten times over a period of nearly ten minutes.”

Endorsement in English from Pastor Terrence Chang, Full Gospel Assembly, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia for the ministry of Dr. Davy Hermanus, Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Indonesia



Testimony in the Indonesian language: Kesaksian sakit pundak disembuhkan sehingga dapat tidur pulas
Shoulder pain healed allowing sound sleep again



Testimony in the Indonesian language: Anak 4 tahun yang buta sebelah mata disembuhkan oleh Yesus
Four-year-old child blind in one eye healed by Jesus



Endorsement in the Malaysian language from Pastor Andrew Mering of the Borneo Evangelical Mission (SIB) Senadin, Miri, Malaysia for the ministry of Dr. Davy Hermanus, Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Indonesia

 (Kesaksian-kesaksian di atas di BEM Senadin di bulan Oktober 2016 di Miri)
Kesembuhan di Gereja Rumah Bintulu, Sarawak 2016 – Davy Hermanus
Seorang bapak yang pernah kena stroke telah disembuhkan di dalam nama Yesus. Tangan kiri yang tak dapat diangkat, dapat kembali diangkat tanpa rasa sakit. Dia sekarang dapat membuka kaos dan memakainya kembali.
A man who had suffered from a stroke was healed in the name of Jesus. He had been unable to lift his left hand because of the pain, but afterwards could lift his hand freely without any pain. He is now able to take off his socks and put them on again.



Kegiatan Penyembuhan Peserta Seminar Tantangan Elia, Batu Niah 2016

Seminar participants minister healing at Elijah Challenge Training

 (Kesembuhan di Batu Niah – Oktober 2016)
Salah satu kotbah di Bukit Doa Lawas tahun 2014
Preaching at Prayer Mountain Lawas in Indonesia

Demo Kesembuhan Bulan Oktober 2016 di Miri – Rawawali Church
Demonstration of healing

Kesembuhan pada bulan Oktober 2016 di Sibu, Sarawak
Penyembuhan oleh Peserta Seminar kepada orang-orang sakit
Seminar participants minister effective healing to the sick

Berbagai penyakit disembuhkan secara ajaib dalam Seminar Tantangan Elia, Sibu 2016
Penyembuhan orang sakit oleh peserta seminar Tantangan Elia. Salah satu yang disembuhkan adalah seorang wanita yang dinyatakan dokter mengalami kerusakan pada paru-paru sehingga dia tidak dapat bergerak karena kesakitan di dada. Setelah sembuh ia dapat melompat-lompat.
Elijah Challenge Training participants minister to the sick. A woman had been diagnosed by her physician with damage to her lungs severely restricting her movements because of the pain. After she was healed by the Lord, she was able to jump up and down.