Brother Subodh Jena Kumar in Narla, Orissa




We had another great harvest through a Feeding Event at Narla (Medinipur) on January 
26. It is a big village where the UN is present and dominated by the Hindus. This place is at the border of Kandhamal District. The RSS (Hindu fundamentalists) are very strong in that area but thank God that He helped us to reach that area. Around 292 people were there for the Feeding Event.


Hindus gather for the Feeding Event


Subodh ministers healing to the infirm to confirm the gospel

Testimonies of miraculous healing

Ranjan Babu — while he was playing cricket he fell and hurt his knee. From that day on he had the problem when walked and when he ran he felt pain so that he could not play cricket any more. That day he was healed by the Lord Jesus. He tested his knee and it was healed.



Anita Nag -– She had been suffering from a gastric problem and had terrible pain and 

burning in her stomach. She would vomit for an hour and was not able to sit for long time. But praise God she sat for three hours during the meeting, and that was first wonderful miracle for her.  Secondly, the Lord healed her completely of her gastric problem. Suddenly the vomiting stopped and there was no more burning. She could not [find the words] to express thanksgiving to the Lord for the healing in her body.



Sibu Sadhangi — He had two boils in his leg; it was swelling and it was so painful. He was not able to walk. But very miracously they vanished. He was very happy and excited to accept the Lord Jesus.



Manoj had not believed in the Lord Jesus even though he had suffered a lot from chest pain. Moreover he was an alcoholic who never believed in any God at all, nor did he ever go to any temple. Whatever medicine he was using did not help him to get better. His relative brought him to the Feeding Event by force. God touched him marvellously and he felt a miracle take place in his life. He testifyed that he had felt emptiness and he was healed. The Lord was so gracious to heal him. He was very glad and he wanted to tell others that Jesus can heal any disease. Praise God. 



Safira had a fever in her body and had Typhoid for the past week. When she came for the meeting she was shivering. She came with her mother. God touched her and her temperature came down. After the meeting her mother came to me and said that she had never heard about Jesus and never know this kind of work. She now believes in Jesus, and she will bring her family for prayer. 

Indumati had been suffering from a skin disease for two years. She said that sometimes her legs would swell and sometimes she would see a black spot. God touched her, and she felt some changes in her legs. She was healed but she did not testify because she was feeling shy. After the program she came and shared all about her situation. 

There were many other miracles and healings which took place like the ones above which I have not shared here.


Hindus accepting Jesus Christ


Above & below: feeding the villagers



The Harvest

“Let me share a wonderful report – we have planted two fellowships within a few days. There 
are 22 families fully committed to follow the Lord Jesus in Sirol after the Feeding Events. In a nearby place called Ghogar (15 kms away) two families have already given their lives to the Lord Jesus .

To our surprise eleven people came to attend the Narla Feeding Event by travelling five 
hours.They want to have a fellowship in their village. In the month of February we would like to go there to follow up on this. Praise the Lord for this wonderful beginning. Praise the Lord.”


Subsequent reports

“The Lord is so good to us as we have been receiving praising reports after the Feeding Events. We received a phone call from a school teacher who came to attend our Feeding Event in Narla. She has been suffering from joint pain for over four years. She did not stand up for prayer because of the pain. She told us that she could not testify about her healing in front of the crowd, but at the very moment when the healing ministry was going on she felt something happening in her leg and she checked. The pain had gone. She shared that for the last five days there has been no pain. I told her that the pain will not come again; believe in Jesus and He will deliver you completely. There were some wonderful miracles which were historic.

Seven Yadev families came to the Lord through this Feeding Event.  The Yadev are high caste Hindus and they are all over India. I have not come across any Christian who comes from a Yadev background. It is so wonderful to bring such people to our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord did marvelous things through these two Feeding Events. I believe in the days ahead we can reach various people groups.

Praise God for this harvest: in Serol 22 families, in Gogher 2 families and in Narla 7 

February 8 Follow-up Report

Last night we came from Serol & Ghoghar with very exciting news. We had a very good time of fellowship with the 22 new believing families and two other families. They are so eager to know  more about the Lord Jesus. They have requested that we provide a pastor who will help them with regard to good health both physically and spiritually. Moreover they want to be free from demon attack. They are ready for Sunday fellowship.

More good news: one new Hindu family has been added to our new believers from a half kilometre from Serol.

If we can keep one evangelist at Serol, he will be following up and discipling the new believers there and in Ghoghar as well. He can reach Ghoghar and the surrounding  villages. In the same way we can keep an evangelist in Narla for those precious Yadev souls. I hope he will able to bring more souls by reaching out to the nearer villages too. I am in touch with them and planning to visit them after February 20.

Since I have taught the Basic Training in several places, there are pastors and evangelists whom can we can call upon to minister to these new believers.