Balikpapan, Indonesia
November 4, 2011

Reports from Lucy

At Session I of the Elijah Challenge Basic Training hosted by the Gethsemane Prayer Fellowship, over 100 pastors, servants of God, and disciples from different churches gathered from around the city. During the time of demonstration, four people were ministered to by the disciples. An older woman who hobbled forward with constant pain in her knees for the past ten years was healed. She walked back to her seat normally. A man had pain and stiffness in his leg because of a stroke. The pain and stiffness disappeared following three times of ministry by some brothers. Another man who had suffered from a stroke came forward gingerly using a walker. He reported improvement in his condition. A young boy who was mute started to say “mama” and “papa.”

A glorious evangelistic event in the evening
Then in the evening Lucille ministered at the evangelistic healing service with many new people present, including one family from the predominant religion of Indonesia. The Lord’s grace was truly abundant. After she preached the gospel, the trained disciples came forward and ministered to the infirm to confirm the message. They made short work of the infirmities as they had been trained to do in the morning, and in a short while perhaps 20 people made their way up to the stage to testify that the Lord had healed them. It was an exciting evening. About fifteen people came to the Lord as a result.