Other Elijah Challenge Events in India

It’s a joy to share with you how the Lord is using Feeding Events along with Power Evangelism to spread the Kingdom of God. This time we were supposed to have a mini-convention type Feeding Event but due to some communal violence we didn’t get permission from the police. We then decided to postpone this event until July and instead held two Feeding Events, the first in Kishan Pur, a village in Rourke. About 370 people gathered there and almost everybody stood to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. About two hundred people attended church the following Sunday. Among these two hundred people were those who were either healed or delivered from evil spirits. Fourteen people were baptized in water. There is only one church in this area and we have a great challenge before us to reach the entire village for Christ.

Our second Feeding Event was held at old Sahran Pur colony. We invited two villages for the Event. The hall was packed with people and others were standing outside with close to 700 people attending the Event. Between 280 and 300 people gave their lives to Lord for the first time. Due to lack of space Brother Simon Haqq had to pray a “mass healing prayer” over the infirm.  Many were healed and delivered.

We already have an Elijah Challenge Church in this village. Our motive was to invite the neighbours to hear the gospel, and we were very successful. Approximately 36 or 38 people were baptized in the river. This fellowship has five more home churches.

– Pastor Hanok Masih, Elijah Challenge Coordinator