Subodh Jena Kumar is an Elijah Challenge-trained servant of God in Orissa, India

“I have a few very wonderful testimonies to share to you…

A man named Rupak Bag is an engineering student and the son of a retired policeman staying in Bhawaniptna. Yesterday he called me and told that he is a Hindu and wants to know and receive Jesus. He asked me to help him. For the last eleven years I have been in Bhawanipatna many Hindus have called me for healing and other prayer, but this man called me in order to know and accept Jesus. He said while his father was in a job in another place they came to be interested in knowing about Jesus. Rupak came to our home and we had long talk about Lord Jesus Christ, and prayed with him. He wants to draw closer to Lord Jesus. Please pray that he and his family will come to Christ. I believe he will be a channel to reach many Hindus.



Mr. Parag Majhi came to Bhawanipatna all the way from Rayagada district which is about 300 kms away. This is the first time a non-believer came to Bhawanipatna from such a distant place. He was suffering from very severe pain in one part of his body for three years. He had gone to many hospitals and to other people but he did not recover. They spent two lakhs rupees (almost US$3800) for his treatments. His parents think that this is the work of witchcraft. He is the only boy in his house so his parents are very depressed. They went to a nearby evangelist, but he advised them to come to my town of Bhawanipatna. Yesterday and today we ministered to him and he is feeling better and his body is improving. Please pray for his total recovery. And the Lord’s glory will spread in those areas.



Mr. Surendra Saraf belongs to a Hindu family. He was severely addicted to alcohol. He has been involved in several accidents, breaking his legs and hand also injuring various parts of his body. Due to this there is much consternation in his family. One of his friends recently began coming to our fellowship. He shared with me about him and I told him to bring him to our prayer fellowship. On Sunday the 4th of December, he came to church and we ministered to him. We did not receive any response from him at that time. He came again on December 10 and informed us that from December 6 onwards he stopped drinking the wine to which he has been addicted for twenty years. He told us that he now hates wine. This morning his wife called me and informed us about these real changes. We praise God for this. I visited their home with my wife Rosy. We heard unbelievable reports from his wife. Oh, praise the Lord for this wonderful miracle! Surendra has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Saviour. He is asking me to take him to the cottage meetings. 


        Khirasindhu & Surendra

Mr. Khirasindhu is a Hindu. He is a goldsmith by profession. He has been losing business day after day. Due to this he was very disturbed in his mind and was not able to sleep at  night. He came to Bhawanipatna to his relative’s house. Our Saturday cottage meeting is near his relative’s house. He heard that some healing and miracles took place in that house. He went there and I was not there, but our evangelist was. He felt peace in his mind after the prayer. Then he came to our house on Wednesday. Now he is very comfortable in his mind. I shared the gospel with him and he was astonished. He confessed right there that he had gone to many temples and sacrificed many things [to the Hindu gods] but he did not get any peace in his life and did not have any success. Now he is able to sleep well and feel peace in his life. And he turned to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now he is calling us to go to his house and pray for his business.”