Testimony of Andrea with Youth With A Mission in Romania
June 2013

Miraculous healings & The Elijah Challenge in Orthodox Romania

“I had heard about the healing training from my director Jerry at YWAM but I was unsure what it was all about so I just asked Bill to tell me how it went after the first evening and then when he told me that it was all based on the Bible the teachings I decided to go on the Friday evening and I’m so glad that I did. I really felt in my heart that God had really challenged me to continue to step out in faith and not allow fear or doubt to determine my decisions anymore. I was very encouraged by the teachings and I grew a lot in the knowledge that I received so I’m very grateful for that especially how the Lord is stirring in me to continue to pray for people for healing.

I think what touched me the most was on that Sunday afternoon when God placed such a deep compassion on my heart to see Diana receive her healing of getting her hearing restored. I honestly thought she had already received her healing on Friday so I was surprised when I saw her come up to the front for healing again on Sunday afternoon. Then my heart just went out to her when I saw that she didn’t receive her healing especially when I saw the look on her face of how badly she just wanted to hear. Then it was like God’s compassion just overwhelmed me and I just knew in my heart that the Lord wanted me to share the testimony of how He had used me to minister to Vandana at camp last summer when she received her healing of getting her hearing restored.

I am very thankful that Alex took time to translate for me as I shared my testimony with Diana. Before I shared the testimony I felt in my heart to remind her that it isn’t just the person’s faith who is ministering to the person but also the faith of the person who is receiving the healing too. As I shared the testimony I saw in Diana’s eyes that her faith was increasing and then at the end I was quite surprised when I saw how Alex put his fingers in her ears. Then when he asked her as he walked towards the back of the room if she could hear him, then when she said “yes”, tears just came to my eyes. At that moment Diana looked at me with tears in her eyes too, she gave me a hug and told me “thank you.” I then told her it was not me but it was God and He loves her so very much that He did that for her. I just felt completely blown away and humbled of how God chose to use me that day as I stepped out in faith with the compassion that He gave me to reach out to Diana.”