“This event was truly wonderful and amazing in every way imaginable!  Thank you for teaching the Word of God in its simplicity and in demonstration, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and in the power/authority of Jesus’ Name. I will never again pray over or minister to the sick simply according to tradition. I have a deeper respect and hunger for the Word of God.

So many people were healed, delivered and set free. The big challenge came when each participant, myself included, had to become practitioners of what had been imparted to us and of what we had learned.

I had invited a young man and his family whom I had met in the lobby of the hotel where The Elijah Challenge Training was being held, who said they had very little time to spare. God took over once they entered into the realm of worship created by that worship group, Redemption, as they ministered before the Lord and ushered us into the throne room—the presence of God.

Vincent along with several others came up for healing. Vincent’s left leg was noticeably shorter than his left and the same was true with his right arm. His knee caps on both legs were turned in. He said the doctors told him that soon the bones in his left leg would pop/break and surgery would be required…”

“I saw my arm – it grew, it got longer!”

We began to speak to his leg/bones, muscles, tissues…. and to command the spirit of infirmity/deformity to leave in Jesus’ Name.  We also commanded wholeness, wellness to be restored and for his left leg to grow to the length of his right leg.  We also spoke to his knee cap, his ankle and his feet. You can read about it, but my God, when you begin to see God’s healing power at work right before your eyes…..! 

Vincent stated that he felt heat and a popping in his knee cap.  He was asked to walk. His leg had actually grown and his knee cap had shifted back to normal.  We had to speak several more times—I tell you that was a stubborn spirit of infirmity.  We continued this process with the left leg/knee, rebuking the spirit of infirmity/deformity. The right leg was considerably bowed and arched out like a bow without the arrow. 

Praise God, as we worked—speaking and declaring—God did the miraculous. Vincent walked again, this time even straighter than before.  We then worked on his angles and feet.  The Holy Spirit led us to work on his back, continuing in the same vein.   When I asked Vincent to sit, to stand, to sit, to stand, he began to laugh.  When asked why, he stated, “[Before] I could not get up from a seated position without the use of both of my hands.  This time he just stood up and sat down several times laughing; he did this without the use of his hands.  His father laughed also in amazement, saying “I see the difference, he’s walking differently, straighter, his leg became longer.  His gait was steady.”

We then worked on his left arm and hands.  Vincent, with eyes wide open and a surprised look on his face said, “I saw my arm – it grew, it got longer!”.  We also spoke to his kidneys – he said one kidney was larger than the other one.

What more can I say about these things?  Our God is Awesome – We can take Him at His word and speak in His power and authority to heal the sick all for the proclaiming of His Gospel Truth in Jesus’ Name.   Thank God for you [at The Elijah Challenge], and also Rev Kim for recommending this conference.  This was a life-changing experience for me.”

-Sister Sharon Johnson, the Lord’s handmaiden at the United Methodist Church in Brooklyn, New York following The Elijah Challenge Training in Chicago, April 2015