Richard Hawke & Neville Krieg lead Elijah Challenge South Australia
July 2013 Report on Whitmore Square Outreach

The Elijah Challenge in Australia

“We met once again in the square last Friday on what turned out to be a near perfect afternoon with clear skies and warm sunshine, in stark contrast to the previous month.

As we reflected only this morning, we could be just running a barbecue for the homeless and feel satisfied that we are serving the poor, which in itself is a very important ministry.

However we feel that the Lord has led us to take a different approach, and that is to faithfully proclaim the gospel and to heal the sick in Jesus name which is all part of the Elijah Challenge. What we are finding is that, while some will walk away, the great majority stay to listen and be ministered to. They respect the stand that the team has taken. 

Inevitably, after the word has been shared and the worship goes on quietly in the background, the presence of God falls, and it is like an open heaven. The team mingles with those who have come and we find people are very open to talk about life and faith with unusual freedom. This can only be described as a God thing.

Last Friday was no exception. The team had many opportunities to talk. Some took Bibles and other literature, some were prayed for, some will keep in contact with team members who now have a chance to follow up. One man who was suicidal, was ministered to and expressed his deep gratitude for the prayer he had received. We trust a life may well have been saved as a result.

Lastly, the barbecue. Stomachs are fed with an abundance of food. The ministry continues on until well after dark as others pack up the gear.

Thank you again so much for praying. We strongly believe that is what makes the difference.

Next month we have a baptism! Please remember Lee, who has had a dramatic turnaround in his life over recent months, in your prayers. He will be baptised on Friday, August 16 in the square. It will be a special day to celebrate.”