Historic Campaign in Ho Chi Minh City, July 2003



Dying lupus patient in hospital healed, March 2010

Discharged from hospital one week after being ministered to

A cripped man gets up and walks, March 2010

Mark 2 where Jesus heals a paralytic witnessed in living color before crowd gathered in home

Seattle, Washington, November 2010

Miracles healings at evangelistic events hosted by Vietnamese Healing Ministries

Seattle, Washington, May 2010

Deaf & mute women & others healed at Latter Rain Conference

Seattle, Washington, May 2010

Basic Training hosted by Vietnamese Christian & Missionary Alliance Church; many testify of being healed at evangelistic healing service

Seattle, Washington, May 2009

Trained Vietnamese disciples in the Pacific Northwest heal many infirm people to draw the lost to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

San Diego, California, April 2009

Miraculous healings multiplied as Vietnamese believers train with The Elijah Challenge

Healing Outreach at Hong Kong City Mall in Houston

A reported 100 accept Christ every Saturday

Houston, Vietnamese Baptist Church, October 2008

Revival Conference 2008

Many healed and 100 accept Christ in Communist nation as Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor ministers

Ho Chi Minh City, December 2007

Historic Evangelistic Crusade with Pastor Pham Dinh Nhan who hosted Brother B in historic 2003 Event in Ho Chi Minh City

San Francisco, California October 2006

Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches

Oakland, California October 2005

Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches

San Jose, California, June 2005

Basic Training & Crusade with Vietnamese Churches

Australia, April & May 2005

Training & Crusades in five cities

San Jose, California, December 2004

Basic Training & Crusade with Vietnamese Churches

Perth, Australia, May 2004

Basic Training & Crusade with Vietnamese Churches

Southern California, April 2004

Basic Training & Crusade with Vietnamese Churches

Houston, November 2003

Basic Training & Restaurant Outreach with Vietnamese Baptist Church