“I used to be a worldly person, going all out to earn money and neglected the Great Commission of God.

Life as a Christian was dull with no excitement for me. I didn’t see myself performing signs and wonders to expand the kingdom of God. Though I know that my heavenly father’s business is my business, I just did not know how to do it effectively.

Some years back I met Pastor Albert Kang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who is well known for his healing ministry. Last year I asked him if I could learn how to minister healing to the sick from him. He was kind enough to let me join his healing ministry where I learned how to pray over the sick and exercise the Lord’s authority by commanding healing in Jesus’s name.

I practiced it quite a while in my life group but I did not experience instant healing from anyone I prayed for.

I used to pray in a “rojak” manner (“rojak” is Malaysian for “mixed salad”), mixing the 3 types of actions (priestly, prophetic, and kingly). One minute talking to God, and the next minute casting out demons. No wonder my ministry was not effective.

In 2021, I learnt from Pastor Albert Kang’s testimony that he learned how to heal the sick from Pastor William of The Elijah Challenge, and so I grasped the opportunity to join Pastor William’s class to get the systematic training directly from Pastor William.

After 2 lessons, I started to command healing for my two sick dogs in Jesus’ name. To my amazement, both were healed.

I then commanded healing in Jesus’ name for my golden-age life group members. Some sick with COVID-19 were healed, some with aches and pains in the body healed. One with knee cap replacement surgery in tow also healed with no surgery needed.

I am so happy for those people who are healed and come to accept our Lord as their personal Savior. Glory to God in the highest.

Thank you so much for Pastor William’s teaching.

I feel I have finally come alive, excited over the healing miracles and doing my part in making heaven crowded.

Thank the Lord for the transformation of my life. Thank you, Father in heaven, for choosing me and using me. May this vessel glorify Your Name.”

– by Adelyn Chong, Malaysia

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Why are believers NOT healing the sick miraculously and casting out demons as Jesus promised in John 14:12?