Comments & testimonies from training participants in Malaysia: “The Elijah Challenge is the gateway into the deep things of the Spirit.”


“I have only recently stumbled on The Elijah Challenge and I am fascinated—to put it mildly”


Dr. Henry Ng: Stroke victim walks again at Soup Kitchen in Malaysia
March 20, 2022



Sister Theresa
June 2023

“I am truly grateful to the Elijah Challenge (EC) Training as I was set free from the spirit of oppression on 10 February by our Lord Jesus through Pastor Tommy Chen. Then I started to invite Claudia, one of my cell group members, and she was healed from ankle pain and floaters in both of her eyes.

Then I invited Raymond and Jackie (husband and wife), and they were both healed from their back pain. After that in Jesus’ name they started commanding asthma to leave their daughter Venice. Praise the Lord Venice was healed, and also set free from the spirit of fear.

Next I invited Doreen, and she was healed from pain in her hand.

After that we started to testify in our cell group meeting. I invited my leader Simon to attend the Elijah Challenge (EC) Training on Mondays and Power Evangelism on Thursdays by Pastor Albert Kang. Brother Simon was so impressed with the EC Training together with Pastor Albert Kang’s teaching that he allowed me to start a group among ourselves to attend the EC Training. Whatever I received from the EC Training and Pastor Albert Kang were posted. We learned together. We exercised kingly authority to minister and command healing for our friends and relatives.

Two friends were healed from COVID-19. One teenager was suffering from lupus, and his condition improved after we ministered with authority.

Maria had been admitted to University Hospital on 23 May for a serious problem with her lungs. She could not get up from her bed, she was on drips, wearing an oxygen mask and pampers. She thought she was going to die. She had called everyone to seek forgiveness from them.

God impressed on her heart to contact me for prayers. Immediately I texted her to forgive all the people who had hurt her — in order for her to receive healing from our Lord Jesus. I sent her Session 9 of the EC Training and Pastor Albert Kang’s video on handover prayers. Then I requested others to join me in commanding her lungs to be fully restored and functioning in the name of Jesus.

Below is her testimonial…

‘Brothers and Sisters, thank you very much for ministering to me with authority and issuing commands. Last evening I was able to get down from my bed to do whatever I needed to do. It was the first time I could do that since I was admitted to the hospital on 23 May. Now I am able to sleep well and eat well. This morning the doctor told me I will be discharged soon. All the drips have been removed. Praise the Lord for His love for me and for His healing me. I will make time for God and to walk with Him once again. Love, Maria.’

The next morning the doctor removed all her drips. He said he is pleased with her ‘sudden healing’. On 2nd June she was discharged. Praise the Lord for Maria’s miraculous healing.

As a cell group we are all so excited. Our cell group leader invited us to testify about the Lord healing Maria at our church prayer meeting. My pastor too was very encouraged. I believe God is going to restore healing and deliverance to all His churches before His return.”


Rick Loh, Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International, Malaysia
March 9, 2022

“We thank you for being obedient to God’s calling. Without the teachings, there would be no Elijah Challenge program, and life would be very different for the many people who would still be suffering, etc. Bringing the good news, salvation, healing and deliverance, brought many of us closer together. Many who lost their ‘purpose’, are now rejuvenated. Praise the Lord and all glory to Him.”


Dr. Henry Ng, Malaysia
February 25, 2022

“Currently we have about 700 members [in our Whatsapp and Telegram ElijahChallenge-Subscribe groups]. However, only a handful is actively practicing and applying the principles of The Elijah Challenge in their daily lives.

Of the ones who are actively involved, two outstanding persons come to my mind.

The first is my friend Robert, who in the course of us being together in the men’s marketplace ministry for more than 30 years, became my close brother in Christ.
I witnessed how transformed he became after he passionately put into practice what he learned in EC. From a mediocre Christian, he became like Jesus, boldly healing the sick and casting out demons on the roadside.

The second is my newfound friend, Sister Connie from Ipoh. For years she struggled like everyone else trying to find something meaningful in her Christian walk. She stepped out in faith, applying the teachings of EC in her daily life. Encouraged by the number of people being healed, her faith grew by leaps and bounds. Today, EC has become a lifestyle. Every day, when she eats outside, she would target every infirmed or sick people that she meets. She derives great satisfaction in healing them and leading them to the Lord. Our telephone conversations always end with her standard line – “I’m so excited.”

The two persons I mentioned above are ordinary people just like you and me. I can see that there are many others, who are being transformed by this ministry. Their faith is growing rapidly when they discover the awesome amount of spiritual power and authority that God has given them.

The Elijah Challenge teaching is so simple and easy to learn. All you need to do is take a simple step of faith and watch how God will use you mightily to heal the sick and set the captives free.

You are not alone. We are here to guide, encourage and minister alongside with you. Soon you will be sharing powerful testimonies to encourage us and your friends. 

So do join us every Monday evening and do invite your Christian friends too, to discover your ‘superpowers’.



Dr. Henry Ng, Malaysia
December 20, 2021

“You may wish to live an ordinary life, but with the things of God, you have to be hungry.

The Elijah Challenge is a very good start. It’s easy to learn and apply and it will propel you into the supernatural realm of God. It’s been about half a year since we started.

Two things have caught my attention.

  1. The “commanders” [who command healing in Jesus’ name] in my breakout room [following the teaching sessions] have grown by leaps and bounds. I’m astounded by their passion and their commitment.
  2. The amount of suffering due to spiritual oppression is devastating and endless.  There seems to be an endless stream of victims asking for help. Some like the woman with the issue of blood have exhausted every means of help. Some are living in pain for years.

The good news is this: God can heal everyone with a snap of His fingers but He chooses not to. Instead He is using Elijah Challenge to build up an army.

I see the commanders growing in knowledge, experience and faith daily. They were just Sunday Christians for years. Today they are transformed and their minds are renewed. The zest for seeing miracles brought about by their desire to learn and put into practice is contagious.

We are all alike.

We all can do it.

We all can be transformed.

When you are able to heal the sick and set captives free, you are not only doing it for God, you are not only doing it for the victim, YOU are [also] doing it for YOURSELF.

Elijah Challenge is your chance to discover and release the power at work in you, exceedingly abundantly, far greater than what You can ask or think.

Elijah Challenge is God’s gym to build spiritual muscles so that the demons will run in terror at the sight of you.

So take a simple step of faith. Join us in the breakout rooms. Learn to command with one-liners. We will guide you. Don’t worry about making mistakes. We learn best from mistakes.

So arise, don’t hold back and let the warrior spirit be birthed in you today.”

“Praise God for the hunger for the things of the spirit. Christians are fed up of living a humdrum life for years.

The Elijah Challenge is the gateway into the deep things of the Spirit.”

“The Lord has been telling me that we will be sending disciples to our surrounding countries in Southeast Asia to raise up Elijah Challenge warriors. So now it’s a time of building.”

January 2, 2022

“Dear Warriors, radical discipleship is indeed radical. Yet consider this, it is only radical when viewed from the outside. Once you are in the inner circle, it becomes a natural part of life.
It’s like a duck taking to water. It’s like an eaglet jumping off the edge of the cliff for the first time. We were meant to fly like the eagles on the breeze of the Holy Spirit.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of Christians are still like chickens pecking on the ground. You never believed that you could soar high above in the heavenlies. 
Teacher William was frighteningly uncompromising in his presentation of the truth., for example, Without works, faith is dead.
Even more frightening is the condition of what it takes to be a true disciple. Ha ha, you have to die and give up everything, take up the cross and follow Jesus. 
I’ve always been an exponent that it’s not fair to impose anything on anyone, even with the best intentions in mind. You cannot ask or force anyone to do what they cannot do at that time in their life. Christians are well meaning but often they tend to throw the word at you.
It’s been a long journey for me to become a true disciple. I never believe that I could be one at the beginning.
The secret really is to press into the only one who can transform you – Rev. 3: To  those whom God loves, He will rebuke and discipline.
Over the years, the Master potter dealt and moulded me. The process was excruciatingly painful but necessary. The end result was that it brought me to my knees and I was a broken man. The fear of God came into my life and I realised that apart from Him I was nothing.
Today the only thing that I cherish in life is my closeness to Him.
I truly appreciate the truth of this chapter on the Nicolaitans. I watched it  over and over again, drinking in the truths.
Please get involved with Elijah Challenge.
1. Elijah Challenge will lead you gently into WORKS, which will consumate FAITH. You will fulfill the Great commission via EC. 
2. Elijah Challenge will also bring you into the supernatural realm of the Holy Spirit and transform you and your spiritual perspective.
3. Elijah Challenge will increase your knowledge and give you experience in warfare. The different cases will give you revelation on the wiles of the devil. 
Do go over and over the lesson until you get it into your spirit. God bless all of you abundantly.”


Pastor Albert Kang, Coordinator for Elijah Challenge Asia and an Executive Director for the Foursquare Church in Singapore & Malaysia
December 14, 2021

“I was very tired before I went in to the training session last night. I kept yawning and wanted to just sleep. Then something happened as Pastor William began to teach. 

Even though I have heard his teaching so many times, my heart was drawn to it again.  

The breakout healing rooms were amazing. Miracles happened as many new Elijah Challenge commanders were commanding.  It was like anointing oil poured over my head. I was so charged up. We ministered until 1:00 am and there were still 20 people in our breakout room. They just didn’t want to go off. 

Never seen such spiritual hunger in all my life. I think we are on a verge of something great. Something has shifted in the heavenly realm and we are now beginning to experience [it].”

December 21, 2021

“Last night our Healing Breakout Room did not end till 1:30AM. Strange spiritual enthusiasm, never encountered before. There were still 20 people around that time. Something is moving in the Spirit.”

A sister who served as a leader in her local church for many years
December 23, 2021

“Thank you sooo much for The Elijah Challenge (EC) training and discipleship. It has definitely spurred me with enthusiasm and excitement to serve God to fulfil the Great Commission.

I was wandering directionless for the past few years as to how I could reach out to the lost effectively including my family members. I’m so glad that The Elijah Challenge ministry has trained me to command healing and thereafter, to share the gospel. This is the greatest Christmas gift i have ever received. I have since joined the Monday EC ‘breakout rooms’ under Pastor Albert to exercise the commands taught, apart from ministering to my pre-believer family members and outsiders like the courier man, my condo technician from the Islamic faith.

I’m also greatly inspired by your solid Saturday teachings for Radical Disciples, particularly on holy living and bearing fruit (among others), which penetrated into my heart on the severity of the consequences of not obeying. We all know the Scriptures but in the past have taken them lightly, probably due to the manner the message was exposited to us.

I would not ‘label’ myself as a Sunday Christian as I have ‘served’ in a small church congregation of <100 people for many years. As a layperson, except for being a pastor, I have been involved in most of the church ministries including being a church treasurer, church board member, etc. But all these comes to naught as we are primarily ‘serving’ ourselves in church and reaching out to the lost minimally. I finally stopped seeking re-election to be a member of the church board.

In the midst of a pandemic, I have never ever dreamt to be connected to the marvellous EC ministry to be trained on commands and to be a radical disciple, and in particular to be connected to The Elijah Challenge.

I’m so rejuvenated and excited to be part of EC ministry that I can move forward to do greater things for God in 2022 and in the years to come. This is the most memorable and joyous event that I can rejoice for in the year 2021. God is sooo good and awesome.”


Sister Adelyn
November 2021

“I used to be a worldly person, going all out to earn money and neglected the Great Commission of God.

Life as a Christian was dull with no excitement for me. I didn’t see myself performing signs and wonders to expand the kingdom of God. Though I know that my heavenly father’s business is my business, I just did not know how to do it effectively.

Some years back I met Pastor Albert Kang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who is well known for his healing ministry. Last year I asked him if I could learn how to minister healing to the sick from him. He was kind enough to let me join his healing ministry where I learned how to pray over the sick and exercise the Lord’s authority by commanding healing in Jesus’s name.

I practiced it quite a while in my life group but I did not experience instant healing from anyone I prayed for.

I used to pray in a “rojak” manner (“rojak” is Malaysian for “mixed salad”), mixing the 3 types of actions (priestly, prophetic, and kingly). One minute talking to God, and the next minute casting out demons. No wonder my ministry was not effective.

In 2021, I learnt from Pastor Albert Kang’s testimony that he learned how to heal the sick from Pastor William of The Elijah Challenge, and so I grasped the opportunity to join Pastor William’s class to get the systematic training directly from Pastor William.

After 2 lessons, I started to command healing for my two sick dogs in Jesus’ name. To my amazement, both were healed.

I then commanded healing in Jesus’ name for my golden-age life group members. Some sick with COVID-19 were healed, some with aches and pains in the body healed. One with knee cap replacement surgery in tow also healed with no surgery needed.

I am so happy for those people who are healed and come to accept our Lord as their personal Savior. Glory to God in the highest.

Thank you so much for Pastor William’s teaching.

I feel I have finally come alive, excited over the healing miracles and doing my part in making heaven crowded.

Thank the Lord for the transformation of my life. Thank you, Father in heaven, for choosing me and using me. May this vessel glorify Your Name.”

Other comments…

“I THANK GOD for you Pastor William & the teachings that you are imparting to us. Elijah Challenge 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and Radical Disciples comes to Malaysia & Singapore at exactly the time when the Bride of Christ in Malaysia & Singapore needs to wake up to GOD’s Truth, lay hold of it & rise up to be all that GOD has called us to be as a disciples & followers of JESUS CHRIST & to advance HIS KINGDOM in Malaysia, Singapore & beyond.”

Selected testimonies from among many…

‘Yoke Kuan is a testimony of God’s healing power. She came into our breakout room on Nov 8th. She was suffering terribly from acute eczema and steroids withdrawal. Her legs were swollen and encrusted with dead skin. There was blood and plasma oozing from the scratch sores. The itch histamine released would make her scratch the whole body until bleeding starts. She cannot sleep the whole night. She was in deep despair and hopelessness. Her face suffered from fungal attack. She did not even dare to turn on her video in the room. Looking at her afflictions, my faith evaporated. Now I’ve improved. I don’t look at the circumstances anymore, but I keep my eyes firmly on my great and mighty God. Thanks to commander Elaine who followed up and continue to minister and encouraged her, within a month she showed vast improvement. Today her visitation to my house is short of a miracle. Thanks so much dear commanders for your commitment and passion and love. Jesus is Lord. Hallelujah!’

“I want to thank and testify the goodness, mercy and power of my Lord Jesus for His miraculous healing on my grandson. Recently I have been following the teachings of The Elijah Challenge to use the authority and power to heal. I laid hand on my grandson’s head to command the spirit of attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) to leave him n his neurological development be restored to normal. I did it on a few occasions. Praise the Lord he has been showing signs of remarkable improvement in his behaviour. He is able to focus much better and no more complaints fr his teacher in school. In fact, his form teacher said he is different now. The name of Jesus is indeed powerful and I give all glory to Jesus, my Lord and Saviour for this healing which mean so much to us.”


Why are believers NOT healing the sick miraculously and casting out demons as Jesus promised in John 14:12?