“Last week we went to three villages with our Second Group of twelve disciples. We ministered to a few sick people and preached the gospel in the unreached villages.

A woman named Sebati Naik was suffering from arthritis for the last few years. She requested prayer from our disciples when she heard about us. Our disciples ministered to her in Jesus’ name. She felt some relief but was not fully healed. The next day a few of the disciples went back and ministered to her again, and she was completely healed. All the pain left her body. After she was healed her neighbour came by requesting healing from pain in his shoulder. He was healed right away. Then another woman came to be healed from a physical problem. In this way around seven people came for healing, and all were healed. They believe that Jesus Christ is very powerful God.

A woman was suffering from pain in her eye for a week, causing nonstop tearing. She had applied eye drops to no avail. But as our disciples ministered to her in Jesus’ name, she was instantly healed. The pain left completely.

A man named  Lalit was suffering from backbone pain for a month. He was not feeling well and was in bed. We ministered to him by laying our hands on his body. Our Lord Jesus  touched him, and within a few minutes he sat up on his mat. There was a big change in him.

Two ladies, Lalita Naik and Anidha Suna, were suffering from arthritis. Lalita also suffered a lot from knee pain. While she bent over she would experience severe pain. We ministered to both of them in Jesus’ name. Our gracious God healed both of them and set them free from their infirmities. We had the privilege of sharing the gospel of Christ there.

 A young brother had a severe toothache. It was very painful, especially during the winter season. He had gone to the doctor who wanted to pull the tooth. He had to wait two days before going to the hospital to have the tooth removed, but before that the Lord healed his tooth. He testified that he would normally experience pain all night and had been unable to eat for two days.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
January 2018