Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

A total of twelve new house churches were planted on two successive Sundays in 12 unreached villages by trained Elijah Challenge harvest workers—the fruit of preaching the gospel and healing the sick as Jesus commanded in Luke 10:9.

“Thank Almighty God for His gracious work through our harvest workers. Last Sunday in five newly-reached villages house churches began to meet in each village, and today (the following Sunday) seven more house churches were planted in seven new villages.  Praise the Lord!

Thank you so much for your intercession and support enabling us to reach these unreached villages.

Some testimonies…

In a village known as Pradhan Pada, our workers came across the “Chamar”, a downtrodden and oppressed Dalit people group who make their living doing shows to entertain people. They are Hindus. Our workers went to Pradhan Pada and shared with them the purpose of their visit. Around 30 to 35 people gathered to listen to them. Afterwards they ministered healing to the sick in their midst. Many sick children were present. Our gracious Lord healed them all instantly. One child was healed from a high fever and another child was healed from an infection. Thirty people believed and accepted Christ in Pradhan Pada.

In a village called Kendmal, Sima Munda’s face was terribly swollen making him look very unsightly. It was also difficult for him to breathe. He had gone to the doctor, but the doctor could not identify the problem. All the doctor could do was to give him some medicine for pain relief. A week later while our workers were in his village ministering to other sick people, Kendmal showed up. After our worker laid hands on him, the swelling went down and he was miraculously healed.

In Bagbud village Naren Pradhan had been ill for a long time with high blood pressure and heart disease. He had been to Burla, a well-known hospital. After the doctor treated him as best he could, his family had no choice but to take him home to the village where he was on medication for long time. But his condition remained. When Naren heard about our workers he summoned them to minister to him. When our workers saw him in his very sorry condition, they were quite taken aback. But they persevered ministering to him over a period of a week. Gradually his condition improved. Now he is completely healed and wants to be baptized.

In a village called Handimadi there was a woman possessed by an evil spirit. She would always answer with the same one word (which no one could understand) regardless of what was said to her. According to her family when the spirit came upon her, she could not even open her mouth. Our workers ministered to her for an hour. During that time she remained quiet and in fact was unconscious for  two minutes.  While she woke up she was speaking normally and without any recollection of what had happened.                                                         

In the village of Uperguda a young man had been suffering from seizures for five years. He was a college student and taking medicine regularly but to no avail. From time to time he would collapse on the ground and convulse uncontrollably. One day on campus he came across our workers, and they ministered to him in Jesus’ name. He was miraculously healed, and afterwards accepted Christ. He came under persecution after his family came to know about his new faith. Please pray for him.

Elijah Challenge Coordinator, Orissa
May 12, 2019