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Prophecy FULFILLED: “many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other”

Which has higher priority: “Feed my sheep” or “Preach the gospel to all creation”?

The New Testament Perspective on Miraculous Healing

When the gospel becomes part of a nation’s culture it eventually loses its power

If you are zealous & desperate to have lasting impact for the Kingdom of God during these last days…

Does Scripture teach that believers in America will be persecuted?

Is it “easier” to preach the gospel in America or in a pagan nation in the Third World?

The income of the Church in America is a good chunk of one trillion dollars each year

Night is now coming to America

Training the Lord’s Disciples: “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight!

Why has the Church failed to fulfill the Great Commission after 2,000 years?

Contextualization of the gospel in America

Dilemma for Dispensationism (aka Cessationism)

Possessing the Promised Land: Fulfilling the Great Commission

What is the purpose of prayer & fasting and worship gatherings? 

What is happening now in America is a fulfillment of Scripture

The Spirit of Elijah Revisited

An unintended consequence of the Western worldview on the Great Commission

The Temple of God is now being rebuilt

Healing the sick as contextualization of the gospel message

Jesus Christ emphasized the necessity of unity for the fulfillment of the Great Commission


Articles below: reaching the followers of the “D” religion—the predominant religion in the Middle East

The largest unreached people group in the world

Christianity or Jesus Christ?

The Kingdom of God comes from within, not from without

How should the Church respond to the spirit of the “D” religion?

Terrorism: Why isn’t the Church reaching the “Ds” in our cities?

Britain adopts “D” law

CIA: “D” is a system

The inexorable advance of “D” in America & the West

A new paradigm for fulfilling the Great Commission to the Unreachable

Toward a mass movement of “Ds” to Christ

How the Church in the West can stop the advance of the “D” religion in its own backyard

Why did God put such huge oil reserves in the Middle East?

The Joys of “D” Women