Reports: The Elijah Challenge in Brazil

Stomach cancer vanishes: February 20 during the event

“During the Saturday and Sunday meetings many people testified of being healed by the Lord as the trained disciples ministered to them. By Monday they were ready to minister healing on their own without us on the stage to lead and direct them. After the servant of God taught at the Monday morning session, he asked how many people wanted to be healed of their infirmities. A sea of hands went up. Then he announced that he and Lucille were going to leave and return to their hotel, and that the ministry of healing would go on without them. He directed Alex, the young Church Administrator who was translating for him, to lead the healing ministry instead. Alex was speechless for a moment, but soon regained his composure. Then we left the church. 

Many were healed and testified during the ensuing ministry by the disciples. One testimony was particularly riveting. A young woman from was in Sao Paulo from Goiania (about a thousand miles away) for medical treatment. She had a hard and painful tumor in her stomach which gave her the appearance of being four months pregnant. Her doctor was extremely concerned at her serious condition as revealed by tests and x-rays. She heard about the miraculous healings taking place at the Baptist Church, and came to one of the Monday sessions where Alex was leading the healing ministry after we had left the meeting.

She went forward to receive ministry from one of the trained sisters. The sister laid hands on her stomach and rebuked the tumor in Jesus’ name. Feeling discomfort in her stomach the woman ran to the ladies’ room. Evidently at that very moment she passed something out. On Tuesday she went to her doctor who examined her and took x-rays. The x-rays showed that the tumor was gone. The doctor pronounced her healed. On Wednesday the woman came to Lucille’s final Esther Challenge session to testify of what the Lord had done for her, brandishing in her hand a CD/DVD containing the results from her doctor.”

-Brother B.


February 27 after our return to the USA

“The effects of the seminar continue! Lives are being healed of various ailments. We have applied the principle learned: preaching, healing, salvation. In every service we have given space to minister to the sick.

The most recent case was that of a Jewish woman who had nearly completely paralyzed leg muscles. She was under medical treatment for months. Her physical therapist, who is from our church brought her to a prayer meeting for women. Sisters ministered healing to her and she left jumping for joy, totally healed.

She came to give her testimony at our 5 PM Sunday worship celebration. She said: “.. I have been to three universities and did not believe in these things, I do not know how to explain it, but it is real. What enchants me most here is the faith you have!”

At the end of the preaching of the word of God she was amazed at everything and said that her heart (which before was closed) was now open to hear the gospel.

May God’s grace be upon us, grace upon grace and may He confirm the work of our hands! Psalm 90:17″


Pastor Paulo Sergio Falçarella
Family Network
People’s Baptist Church


February 22 during the event

“We are honored and grateful for your willingness to talk to us this afternoon. It was very uplifting and it strengthened our faith.

We want to share a testimony: today, after our conversation, we decided to minister healing to our maid, who was feeling a lot of headaches, cramps and chest pains. We ministered healing as you taught us and she felt a strong heat in the regions where we had laid our hands. Cramps and pain in her chest stoppedat the first time, and the headache ceased completely after the third time ministering healing. We were very happy to be able to experience the grace and mercy of God to use us to bless her.

[A few days later] my maid told me that she ministered healing to her sister-in-law, who was feeling a “little ball” in her throat for many months. She was very concerned about being a cancer. My maid (who is an Assembly of God member) ministered healing the way you taught and the little ball vanished right away. She always wanted to learn how to do it because this is what God told her to do when she goes to evangelize in hospitals.”

March 19: “I have a happy testimony to share with you too: one of my maid’s ears was completely deaf. So, 2 weeks ago, I ministered to her and she was completely healed!!!    Now she can listen well from both sides! She told me that her children found it strange the fact of no longer need to repeat many times as they used to when they were speaking to her. I’m very happy that God is encouraging me to keep doing it…

-Veronica Lin (married to a medical doctor)