Anthony wrote:

“I have a dear friend [Hazel], and her husband James has an arrhythmia or a heart rhythm problem. He also has COPD and emphysema.  The main issue is the heart problem as it is possible he could die at any time.” 

Hazel then called us on the telephone, and we ministered to James for his heart condition, emphysema and COPD (a problem with breathing). We had Hazel lay hands on his heart and speak over him with authority in Jesus’ name, repeating after us. It seems James felt a dramatic change in his heart and breathing—we heard them both praising and thanking the Lord excitedly immediately afterwards.

Anthony wrote back:

 “As of tonight, the day after you prayed over James, he says that his chest now feels normal, no tightness or discomfort around his heart and lung area.  It seems like the COPD, emphysema and heart issues are gone.  He says he’ll try to get a report from the doctor’s visit to confirm the good results.”

Eleven days later, Anthony told us:

“His chest has recovered from the heart and breathing problems you mentioned and prayed over. So to summarize the COPD, emphysema, and the heart rhythm problem with irregular heartbeat and chest feeling all cramped up is healed!  I think all three of those are by human means incurable, so the Lord has had a major victory in healing the impossible! Thank you in the Lord! I will update when I have the official results from the doctor.”

May-June 2015