December 15, 2013

The Lord provided beautiful weather on a sunny winter afternoon to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a community ravaged by drugs, sexuality immorality, prostitution, poverty, and despair. Believers from TOUCH Family Church with Pastor Seumean Kuon in Webster, Texas came together with Pastor Connie Strahan of Nova 5 Ministry and us to serve and to minister at this event.

The gospel was preached, the sick and demonized were healed, people came to Christ and a total of seven people were baptized in water. After that about two hundred toys were given away to the children and hot chili was served to the people.

There were two public testimonies of miraculous healing and deliverance. Later in the afternoon others were touched by the miraculous healing power of the Lord as the trained disciples ministered to him, but they did not testify publicly.

The woman in white (below) had suffered from whiplash in a car accident, resulting in nerve damage affecting her left arm with discomfort and numbness. The trained sisters laid hands on her. The healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ was clearly manifest, and she was healed.  She came up and testified, lifting and circling her bad arm up and down dramatically to demonstrate to the crowd that the Lord had completely healed her. The miraculous healing demonstrated that Jesus Christ has authority to forgive sins and grant eternal life.


This young man (below) testified that he actually felt the spirit of lust and pornography leave him as trained believers ministered to him with authority.


Man addicted to drugs (below) being healed and set free by trained disciples


Pastor Connie Strahan (below) of Nova 5 ministry hosted the Outreach


Guest ministers (below)


Worship team from TOUCH Family Church

Listening to the gospel of Jesus Christ


Lucille leads a song below


Below: Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ—the one who can forgive sins and save us from God’s judgment


Ministry to the infirm in Jesus’ name


Pastor Rickie Bradshaw testifies how the Lord miraculously touched his granddaughter Jaedyn who needed a heart transplant

 200 toys on & below & behind the table were given out to the children and hot chili was served to everyone


Preparing to baptize seven new believers following the Outreach at nearby New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church


Young Jordan is baptized for the forgiveness of his sins


Brother Zach of TOUCH Family baptizes boy


YouTube video of young mother being baptized immediately following Outreach


We give our sincere thanks to Pastor Danny Hector Jr. of New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church for allowing us to use their baptismal pool for the baptisms.