“The Lord has been so gracious to enable us to teach and equip the servants of God in various places. Such servants of God have never been introduced to the ministry of healing as done by Jesus in the gospels.  I had never been to this particular area where the pastors and evangelists are from a Lutheran background. During the Training we experienced significant miraculous healings as we ministered to the sick in the name of our Lord Jesus.




Below are some testimonies…

A gentleman named Rabindra Kumar (below) had been suffering from heart disease for the last five years. Especially on the left side of his heart he suffered from unbearable pain. Twice he had struggled between life and death in a hospital. He was taking much medication but without any good results. During The Elijah Challenge Training as I ministered to the sick as Jesus did in the gospels, I called him forward and ministered to him. Our God graciously healed him instantly. He testified that he was as if paralyzed for the past few years, but now he thanked God for the kindness shown to him. Praise the Lord for such a mighty miracle.     



A woman named Sunita (below) was not able to see and hear properly for a long time. The servants of God there knew about her and her condition. We ministered to her there along with the servants of God who were being trained. The Lord healed her right there. She could both see and hear very clearly. There was great joy, there especially for the servants of God who knew Sunita.



Another woman named Martha (below) had had a problem with her knee due to severely painful arthritis. She had come to the Training with much pain, but was expecting a healing touch from the Lord. As the servants of God laid hands on her and ministered to her, she was healed instantly. She started walking around without any pain.  



An elderly woman named Asha Mani (below) had been deaf for over ten years. Due to some other infirmity she had lost her hearing. She could understand everything by hand gestures only. It was the day for her miraculous healing as the servants of God laid hands on her ears and ministered to her. Our Lord graciously opened her ears. She was so glad that her hearing was restored.  Praise the Lord.



A pastor’s wife whose name was Lilima (below) had had an operation on her uterus two years earlier. She would experience much pain in that area. When she talked a lot she would feel pain there. When she walked the pain would appear. But when we ministered to her she experienced the Lord’s healing power like electricity flowing in her body. At that very moment the pain left and she was completely healed.



An elderly woman named Dhanu Bala (below) was suffering from burning in her body. When she walked her feet and toes would burn. When we ministered to her she instantly felt the healing power of Jesus Christ, and the burning in her body disappeared. She was very glad to receive healing in her body by our Lord Jesus Christ.



Two of the pastors met with me. They told me that it was the very first time they had attended this kind of training. They said they were ‘not qualified’ to go to big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc., to attend such training. When they want to have such training in their area, the preacher or teacher is reluctant to come to their small towns which are not accessible by train but only by rough roads, and where there are no hotels to speak of. But they thanked God for this life-changing training which I brought to their region. They asked if it is possible would I please visit other areas in their region to teach their pastors and evangelists? In that way their ministry would experience progress and change.”


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