SEASON 5 of Teachings for RADICAL DISCIPLES of JESUS (teachings which you’ve probably never heard)

Beginning on Saturday, March 30, we will start SEASON 5 of our Teachings for RADICAL DISCIPLES.

We meet every Saturday on zoom.

You will receive teachings from the Bible that are rarely taught in church.

FREE with no registration.

Among other topics, we will cover:

  • Sharing our missionary adventures in Indonesia from Dancing on the Edge of the Earth
  • ETERNAL REWARD for you in heaven — above and beyond salvation
  • STARTLING REVELATIONS from the Parables of Jesus
  • The Seven Churches of Revelation
  • The teaching of the Nicolaitans which Jesus HATES

Schedule and Zoom Link

Join us on Saturdays at 9 AM Central Standard Time in the USA or at 10 PM Malaysia/Singapore time or at 3 PM in Cameroon, West Africa, 2 PM in Ghana, West Africa, 3 PM in Nigeria, or 1 AM Sunday morning in Sydney, Australia.

The zoom link (the same as for our earlier Seasons of RADICAL DISCIPLES):  Meeting ID: 870 4703 1685   Passcode: 823029.

All the sessions of Season 5 will be recorded and posted on the YouTube Playlist