It is wonderful to see how the Lord is using our Elijah Challenge workers in His harvest field. Four new house churches have started meeting recently. Thank God for all His blessing and protection on our ministry.

Here are some powerful reports I’ve received from our field:

In a village called Singha there was a woman who was demonized and unable to walk for ten days. Her family brought in a sorcerer, but he could do little to help. Two of our Elijah Challenge workers ministered to her in the name of Jesus Christ. The demon left her, and she was able to walk. That family accepted Christ.

In that village also a demon was disturbing a family causing them to be unable to sleep at night. They would be awoken by knocking on their door. When they answered the door, there would be no one. And they would hear all kinds of unusual sounds. Our workers went and ministered in their home, staying for two nights. After that there were no more strange sounds and no more knocking on their door. Praise the Lord 15 people accepted Jesus Christ in that village. Our workers have started a house church there.

In a village called Phasala there were eight people in a family. They would all suffer from various problems—sometimes from fever, from pain in their legs, from bad dreams, etc. They thought it was the work of demons, so they called a sorcerer who had them sacrifice a goat and a chicken. They also paid the sorcerer to perform other acts of  “worship” but nothing happened. Our workers went there and threw out all the items used in idol worship, and then ministered to the family members. Our Lord graciously delivered that family from the demonic attacks.    

In a village there was a child with a swollen stomach along with some physical abnormalities. His father and mother took him to a hospital and for a few months he was taking medication prescribed for him. But there was no change. They called for a sorcerer and asked him to help. He gave the child some medicine in addition to performing some sacrifices. But it did not work out. Praise the Lord the child was completely healed and became normal after our worker ministered to him. The family believed on Jesus Christ and accepted him as Lord and Savior.

An elderly woman was suffering from heart disease for two years. After our worker ministered to her, she was miraculously healed.

Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa
February 2019

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