Street Minister Chris Villasana, South Texas

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Chris Villasana is a young Texan who attended The Elijah Challenge Training at Braeswood Assembly of God in Houston in April 2007.


"You guys! What? You guys just healed my leg!"



"Miracles are happening in the streets!"


Prison ministry

Dramatic healing of neck injury in prison


Miracle at Starplex Cinema

Destroyed T-1 and L-4 discs in boy's vertebra healed during witnessing at Starplex Cinema


Spring Festival in Houston

Chris preaches at 2008 Spring Festival in Houston


The cross of Christ

The cross of Christ and miraculous healings


Chicago train station

Miraculous healing in a Chicago train station



Chris and team witnessed many miracles healings on their trip to India in July 2007


Miracles in South Texas

Chris' ministry in South Texas in September 2007


Ryan's miraculous healing

The beach baptism & miraculous healing of Ryan in April 2008