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“After arriving in Dulki the people shared about the work of Dr. Graham Staines and his wife and their sacrifice. He was a leprosy doctor. He worked mostly in the area of social development. After Graham was martyred, Mrs. Staines returned to Australia. All their work stopped. Even for spiritual work nobody dared to enter the area until now. Evangelists and pastors are afraid to go to such areas. Whoever comes to Christ becomes just a sheep without a Shepherd.

Now there are hundreds of villages and several people groups living in the area, but no one is going there to preach the gospel.  They are receptive and simple peoples.

These people groups are called Hoo, Santali, and Lakda, etc. They are very poor and uneducated. Most of them go to the jungle and collect leaves to be stitched and sold. They have difficulty cultivating the soil since they live in a hilly and mountainous area. Their children are very neglected. I believe the Lord has entrusted to us such precious souls. I am very much concerned what can be done for such village people.”