Ministry to Sick Believers in the Context of the Body of Christ according to James 5 (latest teaching – 2015)

What is the meaning of “by his wounds we are healed” in Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2?

Do we always need a “rhema” or a leading from the Holy Spirit before ministering healing?

The New Testament Perspective on Miraculous Healing

Miraculous healing by traditional prayer vs. the use of authority and power

When is it God’s will for the sick to be healed?

What is “the children’s bread” in its proper context?

”Most people who were healed in his ministry did not experience long-lasting healing”

What You Should Do After Jesus Heals You

We have set aside the commands of God to observe our traditions

Our commentary on “An open letter to Robin Williams” by Dr. Keith Ablow

Why are only 10% of prayers for healing answered?

 What if nothing happens?

God’s will to heal

Does the “prayer of agreement” for healing have strong support in Scripture? Hope for healing for infirm believers  or “Health Care Reform” and the Church

Why do the James 5 instructions for ministering healing to believers rarely work?

New light on healing from James 5

Command the Healing instead of merely claiming the Healing

Is there a strong Scriptural basis for “claiming one’s healing by faith?”