A Chinese sister named Mee from Malaysia, now living in the Miami area, had suffered from chronic pain in her heels, necessitating a visit to a specialist in New York City. After the teaching from Scripture, she came forward in response to a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit through me. I laid hands on her heels, and the Lord healed her completely; she was able even to walk on her heels with no pain.

Marsha, a sister originally from Shanghai, then stood up to minister to another believer who was about to visit her doctor for constant pain in her upper thigh area. After the laying on of hands, Wendy testified that the pain was completely gone. A Causasian Baptist brother, David, had come to the meeting believing that miraculous healing was a fraud because of healing services he had seen on Christian TV. Despite his unbelief he decided to “test” the teaching by asking to be healed of pain in his lower back caused by a herniated disk. Steve, a new Baptist believer originally from Taiwan, laid his hand on David’s lower back to minister healing in Jesus’ name. Afterwards we asked David to test his back, which he did by sitting down and then attempting to get up, a movement that usually brought pain. There was no pain.

Angie, a professional singer, was terrorized by asthma which at times would attack her when she ministered in worship at Christian events. As I laid hands on her, she could feel the constriction and mucus in her lungs subside…she could breathe normally in the name of Jesus!