Steve Austin, Steve Austin Ministries

“At the medical clinics, I laid hands on a man who had a fractured vertebrae and herniated disc in his back, which caused terrible pain. The Egyptian doctor showed my the X-ray and explained that unless the Lord did a miracle, the only solution to this man’s problem was surgery. The man also had a lot of pain in his knees. First I ministered to his knees reasoning, “I’ll start with the easier problem first and if he gets healed it will strengthen his faith enough to receive a healing for the back problem.” Sure enough, after laying hands on his knees, he reported that they were significantly better. Then I laid hands on his back and ministered to that area for about two minutes. I commanded the fractured vertebrae to be healed and the disc to go back into place in Jesus’ name. After I was finished, the man turned and left because there were so many others waiting to be ministered to and I never knew what happened. The next day, the same Egyptian doctor told me the man was healed and that he confirmed it by another X-ray. He said there was no more fractured vertebrae, no more herniated disc and no more pain! Hallelujah! Glory to God!

I also ministered to many people at the clinics who has arthritis, bursitis or rheumatism in their knees or other joints who were healed. When they received a healing, you could tell it was legitimate because their whole face would light up and they would look amazed. A few people even shouted for joy. This one lady in particular had terrible pain in her left leg. I don’t even know what was causing it, but she was in tears. I only ministered to her once and she was healed. She was absolutely beside herself with joy and amazement at what God had done.”