Received from Elijah Challenge-trained Co-Worker in North India
November 2019

“Our Elijah Challenge gospel event in November 2019 was with a Rai Sikh community in the state of Punjab. In this Rai Sikh village approximately 380+ souls raised their hands to pray the salvation prayer after hearing the gospel for the first time. In spite of heavy rain, hundreds of people came to hear the gospel at the first gospel event organized for the Sikh people there.

Our Pastor Rajesh, also from a Rai Sikh background, had invited his community to come hear the gospel. 

During the time of ministry afterwards, more than 100 people testified that they were miraculously healed and delivered from unclean spirits.

Kindly pray for Pastor Manoj.”

Were the commands of Jesus Christ fully carried out by the early disciples as recorded in Acts?