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Do we always need a “rhema” or a leading from the Holy Spirit before ministering healing?

How much authority has the Lord given to disciples?

What is the meaning of “by his wounds we are healed” in Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2?

The New Testament Perspective on Miraculous Healing

Miraculous healing by traditional prayer vs. the use of authority and power

Is it God’s will to save the lost?

When is it God’s will for the sick to be healed?

Why are the infirm sometimes healed progressively during ministry in a meeting?

”Most people who were healed in his ministry did not experience long-lasting healing”

What if God doesn’t heal? A tribute to my sister Mayin

Is it “easier” to preach the gospel in America or in a pagan nation in the Third World?

Jesus Christ delegated authority & power to His disciples for the sake of the gospel

What You Should Do After Jesus Heals You

If you know how to cast out demons, you can already heal the sick!

Power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases

“Spirit-filled” ministers & the ministry of healing as recorded in the gospels

Four approaches for healing the sick & sharing the gospel in the open-air

We have set aside the commands of God to observe our traditions

Why all the drama when ministering to the sick?

“Silver or gold have I none, but what I have I give you…” Mark Meyers: an attorney’s personal view of healing in the New Testament

Why are only 10% of prayers for healing answered?

Dry evangelicalism or wacky charismania: only two alternatives?

Miraculous healing for God-fearing evangelicals to proclaim the kingdom of God to the lost?

What if nothing happens?

God’s will to heal

Does the “prayer of agreement” for healing have strong support in Scripture?

We trained with The Elijah Challenge, but why are people no longer healed when we minister to them?

Why we fail to heal the sick as Jesus commands us

The theology of Helplessness

NT Evangelism: Multiplication, not just addition

How 38 house churches were planted in 11 weeks by mostly new believers

Why did Jesus command his disciples to heal the sick?

“Spiritual Warfare” is not necessary for effective evangelism

Does Ephesians 6 really teach “spiritual warfare” in the heavenlies?

Did Jesus command us to drive out territorial spirits from geographic regions?

“Just another Healing Seminar”

The Age of the Nameless & Faceless Believer

The “Second Gun” of the Church

Our ill-equipped missionaries

Do charismatics have a monopoly on miracles in missions & evangelism?

Ministering supernatural healing – for evangelicals

Why we no longer see the miraculous healings as we did in the early days of the Charismatic Renewal

The age of the nameless & faceless believer: the “one-man-show” is fading away

The End of an Era and the Beginning of a Greater One

A powerful testimony of mountain-moving faith with extreme perseverance

Was Jesus able to perform miracles solely because He was in very nature God?

What was the initial purpose of the infilling of the Holy Spirit in Acts?

Faith in God and faith of God

“Rhema” vs. “logos”

Miraculous visitations of God vs. accompanying miraculous signs

For charismatic eyes only: John Wimber and Power Evangelism

  The following articles were written in earlier years as the Lord taught us step-by-step:

The miracles are glorious, but you will be tested

 What is the role of “being slain in the Spirit” in healing and evangelism?

How do we know which is the only True God?

Will unbelievers will confuse Biblical healing with pagan healing through demonic spirits?

 Teaching vs. Preaching

 How to have a “Happy and Successful” Evangelistic Ministry

or Major in that which is major, and minor in that which is minor

 Is it easy to heal the sick?

The restoration of the kingly office to the New Testament Church

 The Biblical Paradigm of Miraculous Healing

 Has the Church taken a step backwards to the Old Testament?

 Is it necessary to be in good health to minister healing to others?

 The fulfillment of Luther’s Reformation?

Truth vs. truth: does God will to heal everyone?

Evangelical and charismatic churches minister together in unity & manifest power

Command the healing instead of merely claiming the healing

Is there a strong Scriptural basis for “claiming one’s healing by faith?”

Does the Church have a spirit of FEAR?

Faith of God

The devil has stolen from the church

Pastor John of India ministers “mass healing”

From helplessness & defeat to mountain-moving faith & victory

The kingly office for the fulfillment of the Great Commission

Did Jesus pray for the sick?

Why are some promises in Scripture unfulfilled?

A New Look: the Authority to Heal vs. the Gift of Healing

The Age of the Body of Christ

A new perspective for those who want to “depend completely” on God

The Relationship between Believers’ Authority over Disease and the Gift of Healing

“Pray as a Priest and Heal as a King”

FORTY DAYS in India and Pakistan

Believers preach the gospel, believers heal the sick, believers cast out demons

Does it bother Jesus when believers cannot heal the sick?

Should believers do it the way Jesus did it?

Can a believer actually learn how to heal the sick?

Does God put disease on people?

Must it be God’s express will for miraculous healing to take place?

The role of God’s will to heal in miraculous healing

Three Kinds of Healing on a Continuum

In the Old Testament, the Prophets Spoke It Before the Lord Performed It

When does Jesus “show up” in our ministry?

“The Son can do nothing of Himself” – What does this mean?

“Quick & easy” miracles to demonstrate publicly that Jesus is the Son of God

“Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have…”

The Days of Gideon are here

Self-deception in the Church?