February 2008

The Elijah Challenge in Malaysia

Full Gospel Assembly in Kuala Lumpur is one of the largest if not the largest single congregation in the country of Malaysia. It was founded in 1979 with forty people meeting in a home.

Elijah Challenge Basic Training was first conducted for about 300 believers. After the Training three evangelistic healing rallies were held where the gospel was preached and the infirm healed as commanded by the Lord Jesus to prove that He indeed is the only way to the Father.

At the first rally the Lord did quite a few miracles of healing through the trained believers. One young man had a deformed foot with the bone bulging upwards causing him to be unable to walk normally. As one trained brother persistently commanded the foot to be restored, the foot gradually straightened out. He was able to walk almost normally. The excitement level among the believers was very high. The Lord was beginning to fulfill John 14:12 to His people at Full Gospel Assembly.

The Lord’s power to heal was evident as well at the two Sunday rallies the next morning, especially the 7:30 AM service. Many came forward to the platform of the packed spacious auditorium to testify of being healed as the trained believers exercised their authority over disease and demons. The people were healed in the name of Jesus during the healing-at-a-distance as well as during the subsequent laying on of hands by the trained believers. The miracles proved that Jesus Christ has authority to forgive sin and grant eternal life to sinners.

After the second Sunday morning rally we had lunch with Elder Chairman Ang Chui Lai who founded FGA along with his pastor brother-in-law in 1979. Elder Chairman Ang was very thankful to the Lord and said excitedly that since the founding of FGA twenty-nine years earlier, there had never been so many miraculous healings in a meeting. It was surprising to hear that since many anointed servants of God have ministered at the pulpit of FGA down through the years. Perhaps the reason is because about 300 believers had been trained to heal the sick. When an army of believers is healing the sick at a meeting, there are going to be quite a few miracles.

Jesus Christ is fulfilling his promise in John 14:12 at FGA. Those who believe in Him are beginning to do the works that He did and healing the sick. The FGA leadership is now considering holding The Advanced Elijah Challenge Training for those who just went through Basic Training.


“Recently, I had the privilege to attend a healing training seminar at my local church entitled “The End Time Model of Evangelism”. The seminar was conducted by Brother Bill of the Elijah Challenge. Throughout the 2-day seminar, I had the amazing opportunity to gain a deeper understanding into the Word of God, especially in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us the authority to heal the sick and to cast out demons in His Name! That’s right! Within the Gospels, we learned that Jesus did not ask His disciples to pray for the sick but rather to go out and heal the sick and cast out demons. I’ve learned that praying for the sick and healing the sick are 2 very different tasks that Jesus has taught His disciples to do. I was taught [that if we want we can] pray first before going out to heal the afflicted. As believers of Jesus Christ, we should all exercise this authority that God has given us, the moment we accepted Him as our personal Lord and Saviour.

In the Bible, Jesus said that if you have the faith even of a mustard seed, you could command a mountain to move, and it will obey you. That was what I experienced during the healing rally, which took place shortly after the seminar. Trained to exercise the authority to heal and cast out demons, and charged with ‘mountain-moving’ faith, I went up to the church altar together with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, as Brother Bill announced that those who would like to be healed of their infirmities to come forward.

It was during the ‘laying of hands’ that I truly experienced God’s remarkable Healing Power. I laid hands on 2 brothers in Christ and they were completely healed. One brother has a very bad migraine when he approached me. After exercising the authority to heal, I could see that the pain began to leave him. As soon as he stepped up to the stage to give his testimony, he was completely healed of his migraine. Since then, I have exercised this authority to heal on several other brothers in Christ as well as friends. They too testified that they felt better and that they could feel the infirmity slowly leaving them. Praise the Lord!

I sincerely hope that as brothers and sisters in Christ, we should all take this great opportunity to equip ourselves with what Jesus has taught us in order to fulfill the Great Commission.”

March 3, 2008