Reports from Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator Pastor Albert Kang

January 20, 2015

Today, my wife, Grace and I talked to Pastor Dinesh Kumaran, a young pastor from Klang. He has been trained in The Elijah Challenge with three of his Senior Pastors. In fact, his church, Bethany Life, is a former Brethren Church that is now Spirit-filled. It is one of the fastest growing churches in Klang now. 

In the meeting with Pastor Dinesh, we were sharing about how God wanted us to teach about “The Kingdom of God” and how the power of the Kingdom is being manifested through the Body of Christ. Our dear brother concurred with us because apparently God also recently gave his Church and leaders the same focus. His Church is now moving in signs and wonders. 

On a personal note – just the previous night, we were talking on the street to our neighbors who were about to move out to a new home. The man complained about having pain in his legs because of football injuries that he suffered when he was young. As he still had pain in those legs, we ministered healing to him right on the street. He was gloriously healed and began jogging around.

Whenever such miracles happen, we would think of how God had graciously led us to you. You’ll never know how many lives you have impacted for the kingdom of God, especially ours. For twenty over years, I had always thought that only some specially anointed ministers could minister in healing. Then you dispelled that myth by challenging me and many others to command healing. Nine years now, Grace and I continue to be amazed by the grace and mercy of our loving Lord to allow us to experience the truth – the tangible power of His kingdom to heal and cast out demons.


Our December 2014 India Mission Trip

Many were healed of all sorts of pain and infirmities. Many with chronic back pain were healed. Years of migraine headache disappeared. Frozen arms were released and the healed persons swung their arms vigorously to testify of the miracles. Elderly people with arthritic limbs and joints were healed and started to run around without pain. 

One pastor’s wife was instantly healed of a chronic head and shoulder pain that she had endured for three-an-a half years, since the birth of her child. She wept with joy. Another pastor’s wife had a broken arm and she was also healed by the Lord. The pain left her immediately as we laid hands and commanded in the name of Jesus. A young man with a deaf ear was not healed when the trained believers ministered to him. I was curious why the healing did not happen. Then I felt in my spirit that the Lord wanted the healing of this man to be more prominent and public. So, without even thinking, I asked him to come forward to be healed. In the presence of every pair of eyes, as I placed the finger into his deaf ear and commanded, that ear was immediately opened. Even the pastor who tested his hearing was thrilled by the miracle. Suddenly, every trained believer had faith to minister in healing and there were many testimonies of healing. 

One highlight of the mission trip was that a deaf and dumb man was completely healed and he began to speak. He was screaming “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” Everybody knew of his condition and so the miracle was quite a testimony that spread among the locals.