Melbourne, Australia
Monday, May 16, 2005

By the wonderful grace of the Lord, the Melbourne Crusade by every measure was historic and successful.

Our host pastor Quang Ngo, President of the Vietnamese Evangelical Church of Australia denomination, was criticized by some in his own church for attempting a Crusade which not only involved a scope wider than had ever been attempted before but which also featured supernatural healing in Christ’s name. This evangelical denomination is non-charismatic in its doctrine. It was also the first time that the Springvale Town Hall had been used for an evangelistic Crusade by any Christian group. Thousands upon thousands of flyers were passed out on street corners and stuffed in mailboxes and posters were plastered everywhere in Springvale.

The Lord graciously did many miracles during the meetings as the gospel was proclaimed to the lost. Relatively many souls (for an event involving ministry to the Vietnamese) were ushered into the Kingdom of God as they heard the Word of God and saw the miracles. Perhaps the most memorable miracle involved an elderly woman who had suffered from a debilitating stroke. According to her husband, she could not even get up to take a single step for years. When she was wheeled into the Springvale Town Hall last Saturday evening, her legs were paralyzed…stiff and unresponsive. As believers laid hands on her and commanded her healing in Christ’s name, her legs responded and began to soften. She was able to get up out of her wheelchair and walk by herself…a great miracle!

Her husband had been against Christianity. But when the Lord did the miracle at the Crusade the whole family received Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is just one of many testimonies of God’s power to heal and to save from the Melbourne Crusade.

On top of everything else, the Lord has vindicated Pastor Quang among his conservative evangelical contemporaries. People have seen the miracles and souls saved and are giving the glory to God.

Even more significantly, I myself have seen Pastor Quang and his trained leaders minister to the infirm with impressive power and authority. Through them the sick are being healed. Yesterday at their Sunday morning service which I did not attend because of ministry elsewhere, a man barely limped into the meeting leaning on two crutches. He suffered from severe arthritis in both legs, one leg worse than the other. Three pastors and two lay leaders ministered to him for five minutes in Christ’s name. He was able to walk out of the building after the service without his crutches!

The spirt that God gave to Elijah, the spirit of power and boldness, is being restored to the Vietnamese Church in Melbourne. They will continue to preach the gospel in this way for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.