Daily Reports

Perth, Western Australia
10.30 PM Saturday, April 23

Tonight we held our first evangelistic healing Crusade meeting…the Lord’s blessing was in wonderful evidence. In attendance were mostly Vietnamese people, but also a smattering of non-Asians as well: Australians, some people from Bosnia, even a Musl__m mother/daughter couple from Afghanistan. I preached from Isaiah 53.4-5 about the Messiah who would take up our infirmities and be pierced for our transgressions. I explained that the basis for his ability to heal physical infirmities was his suffering on the cross by which he had authority to forgive our sins, which are the ultimate cause of physical infirmities.

Even though it was billed as a healing service, I told the people that the miraculous healings would be the proof that Jesus had authority to forgive sin and save people from condemnation in hell. The Lord gave me a word of knowledge for people with pain or infirmity in their eyes. About a half-dozen people came forward. The first person I ministered to was a lady and her eyes were healed. A man who I believe was from Bosnia said that because of multiple sclerosis he suffered from continuous itching and discomfort in his eyes for seven years. After being ministered to, he said that his eyes felt normal and lifted his arms up unto the Lord with gratitude. At that dramatic moment I gave the altar call for salvation, and between forty and fifty souls came forward to follow Jesus. Among them were the Musl__m mother and daughter from Afghanistan!

Afterwards the Lord did more miracles of healing. The Musl__m daughter from Afghanistan testified that her eyes had been healed in Jesus’ name, among other testimonies.


Perth, Western Australia
Sunday afternoon, May 1, 2005

This morning’s training session at Northway Christian Centre (Sunday Service) with Pastor John Warwick was wonderful. At the end of the training when we did the demonstration of healing, several people testified of being healed when believers ministered as they had been taught according to the pattern set down by Jesus in the gospels. One man who had bad pain in his hips and back was leaping up and down like a frog, demonstrating that the Lord had completely healed him. A sister who came limping to the front with debilitating pain in her lower back going all the way down to her legs testified that all the pain was gone…she could walk normally. A sister from India who had patiently endured pain in her back for years and years came forward choking back tears of gratitude to say that the Lord had completely taken away the pain. There was several others as well. Praise the Lord! He demonstrated so very clearly that He has given authority to His Church to heal the sick as we proclaim the Kingdom of God to the lost.

Perth, Western Australia
Monday morning, May 2, 2005

Our Crusade meeting last night at Northway Christian Centre was highlighted by some wonderful miracles from the Lord during the corporate healing. Among them….

A girl who was severely pigeon-toed since second grade came to the platform to testify. Her feet had straightened out and were pointing forward in the normal fashion! 

A man who had suffered from multiple sclerosis for ten years came forward and declared excitedly that he was healed. He said he felt his body laughing as the the Lord’s healing power came upon him!

Other miracles took place as the believers trained earlier during the Sunday morning service came forward to lay hands on the sick. A woman who had endured ringing in one of her ears for five years was completely set free.

The Lord performed these miracles to prove that His Kingdom was near, and that Jesus Christ was the only way to enter this magnificent Kingdom. The only slight note of disappointment during the evening was that no one came forward publicly to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior. Most of the people were believers, but I believe there were some unbelievers present as well. Nevertheless, I led the people in a prayer of repentance for the sake of those who had a desire to enter the Kingdom but did not want to come forward publicly.