Reports from Elijah Challenge Pastors in India – February 2016

Pastor Prem

“A woman named Rita Naik from a Hindu background was very faithful with the rituals and worship of a goddess every morning and evening. One day she became very sick with diarrhea and vomiting. Her family took her to the hospital but the doctor referred her elsewhere because her condition was very serious.  But they were unable to take her because they had no money. At last they called me over the phone from the hospital, and I went there. I prayed over her and told them to believe in Christ who is the only one with authority to heal the sick. I went to their home after she was discharged from the hospital, and saw that Jesus had touched her and she was well. Now her parents also believe and are attending our prayer fellowship.”

“Eight-year-old Jayasri Nayak suddenly fell ill with phthisis [a progressively wasting or consumptive condition; especially pulmonary tuberculosis]. Her parents were so worried they had her admitted to a hospital. But she didn’t recover.

They considered alternative treatment for Jayasri. Before doing so they called Pastor Prem having heard somewhere that sick people were getting healed by prayer. He went to their house but was reluctant to minister to the little girl because she looked like a skeleton. So he just prayed briefly and left. Later that night Jayasri’s parents called Prem again and told him that she was feeling better and pleaded with him to come back to pray more. Prem had unbelief in his heart, but after giving thanks to the Lord he left for their home. The Lord strengthened him and he ministered to the little girl with authority. He commanded her to be healed in Jesus’ name, and God touched her. She is now completely healed. Praise the Lord. The family now believes in Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Mansukh

“At a nearby village, a woman named Sarita had a disease called “sickles.” During the winter she would suffer from pain. One week the pain suddenly erupted with her legs, and every joint of her body was in pain. She was crying bitterly. At 11:30 in the evening they called Mansukh on the phone and asked him to come to by to minister to Sarita. He advised them not to wait for him but to take her directly to the hospital where he would meet them. But they asked him to pray over her on the phone after which they would take Sarita to the hospital. And so over the phone he commanded the pain to stop in Jesus’ name and for Sarita to sleep well. Immediately after the prayer, Sarita’s mother said that the pain had subsided. She was able to sleep well.”

“Chakala was suffering from stomach pain. Sometimes he would feel burning in his chest. On this occasion he was experiencing pain in his stomach. For ten hours the pain persisted. After Mansukh ministered to him, the Living God touched him and healed him.”

“Mansukh’s elder sister was suffering from malaria. Despite medication she suffered from headache and joint pain. Praise the Lord after Mansukh prayed over her, she was well.”

Pastor Rabindra

“Badra Majhi was the village head who led the Hindus in performing their rituals. Whoever failed to obey him would be punished. He lived just 15 km from our village. One day one of our believers and I went to that village for an outreach, where we saw a crowd standing in front of his house. We stood around for awhile and asked what had happened. One elderly man told us that Badra was in very serious condition and was going to die, perhaps the work of a sorcerer.

We kept quiet for a few minutes. We thought of going inside to minister to him, but didn’t have the boldness to say anything. Finally we called his wife outside. We introduced ourselves to her and told her we wanted to pray for her husband. She agreed, and so we went inside their room and prayed for him. At that time he resisted and shouted at us. Then we issued commands and rebuked the demon in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord, Jesus touched him and he was delivered from the demon. For a whole week we went to his house and prayed with him and his family. Now they are believing in Jesus Christ. Please pray that through that family the entire village may come to Christ.”

“One day we went to the doctor for my wife’s checkup. There at that time a man named Chintamoni Behera had been admitted for a medical problem. He had a problem breathing and was also suffering from gastritis. Because of that he was unable to eat, live a normal life or even talk. For one month he suffered and lacking good treatment he was very sick.

All of his family members were worried about him. They cried over him because there was no hope for him to live long. My wife and I asked if we could pray over him because Jesus will heal him. At that moment there was no doctor or nurse present; we were just waiting for them. So we prayed for the sick man. At that moment he spoke saying, “I want some water.” Everyone was astonished seeing the instant miraculous healing. Although they were Hindus they gladly welcomed us to their village. Praise the Lord.”

“Pakaralu Majhi was suffering from pain in her body for four months. Part of her body was paralyzed, and because of that she was in pain and agony.  Her son came to know about our ministry, and the family called us for prayer. We went and ministered to her. Our Almighty God touched her, and she was healed.”


Elijah Challenge Reports from Orissa