September 20, 2014

Rosemary Adler of Kingdom Vision in Katy, Texas: “Good morning, Kingdom Vision!  I have a prayer request for Mike Roberts who is in our group and was at our outreach last week.  He has been having vertigo lately and went in for some tests. The doctors found a blood clot in his brain. Mike and Aixa are now in Costa Rica and he is having some more tests done on Monday. Please be praying that he will be healed in the name of JESUS!  Thank you, brothers and sisters!”


After that the disciples of Kingdom Vision began to pray over and to minister healing-at-a-distance to Mike.


September 22

“Mike’s wife Aixa Roberts: Dear friends, thank you so much for your love and concern for Mike, he will be going to see the neurologist this afternoon to check eye pressure and fluid pressure in his brain.

Mike wanted to give the enemy a black eye so we went to the streets Friday night. My family insisted for him to stay home and take it easy but he wanted to go out to the streets and not stay home feeling sorry for himself. He was able to love and minister to “THE LEAST OF THESE”—transvestites and male prostitutes, who are very much despised here. I will be letting you know the GOOD test results.

Side note:
Two weeks ago he and our oldest son were working on his deer lease when some of the grass caught on fire. For about an hour he tried to put it out with the fire department there also. A week later he began having very strong vertigo symptoms. I tried to make an appointment with our family practitioner, but there were no openings for that whole week. So we decided to come here to Costa Rica where life is much simpler.  I have an EXCELLENT family doctor here. At the appointment he felt that Mike had suffered a heat stroke resulting in a blood clot in his brain. The MRI showed that, and it is in the left side of the brain The blood is flowing in, but not out. He is amazed that Mike still alive. He told him, “you are a very lucky man,” but we know that it is NOT luck . We have an AMAZING God!”


September 23

Aixa Roberts: “Dear Kingdom Vision friends, we went to the neurologist today for final tests and EVERYTHING was “PERFECT”—the doctor’s own words.

After four tests on veins, arteries, for eye pressure and much more from Mike’s neck up, his doctor was AMAZED—the test results looked like that of a 20-year-old. He gave us the OK to travel to Israel! THANK YOU AGAIN! What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!”