Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India

“Praise the Lord for more wonderful reports from our harvest workers. The Lord is so good, enabling us to serve Him. 

Sabar was suffering from diabetes. Even though he was watching his diet and faithfully taking the medication prescribed by his doctor, the diabetes was not under control. When our Elijah Challenge workers ministered to him, his sugar level went down as well as his high blood pressure. He used to drink alcohol, but afterwards he stopped. Both Sabar and his wife accepted Christ.

In the village of Bijay Nagar lived a young man named Bitu who had suffered from asthma for a long time. His family had taken him to different places for treatment.  Although under medication, he was not well. Our Elijah Challenge workers laid hands on his chest and commanded him in the name of Jesus to be healed. Our gracious Lord touched him, and Bitu was completely healed. His parents testified that Jesus had healed their son, and that “there was no one like Him in the world.” They accepted Christ.    

Utara Saa was possessed by an unclean spirit. She was completely out of her mind—dancing, screaming and creating problems for her family as well other villagers. She would not listen to anyone, and her parents could not control her. Finally her family locked her in a room. Our Elijah Challenge workers went to their home, and entering the room after the door was unlocked, they ministered to her. The unclean spirit said to them through Utara, “I will not go; whatever you want to do go ahead and do it.”

Our brothers commanded it to be quiet and to leave. The unclean spirit threw Utara down to the floor, and left her. Her family accepted Christ. They began to attend the house church in their village.

In the village of Baleri, a man named Madan had swelling in one of his legs, getting worse day by day. He consulted with a village doctor and was given some ointment to apply to his leg. But there was no change. For a long time there was no improvement in his swollen leg—until he heard about our Elijah Challenge workers. They ministered to him and shared the gospel with him.

Although Madan did not feel any immediate change, he felt some relief. On another day when our workers stopped by to minister to him, he was supernaturally touched by the Lord. Instantly the pain vanished, and the swelling went down. Within two days the swelling was completely gone. The family accepted Christ.

For three months a young girl name Rina Soni had suffered from fever and chest pain. She had been under the treatment of a doctor and whenever she took the medicine he prescribed, she would feel well afterwards. But most of the time she would experience pain in her chest. Finally when her pain became unbearable her family called our workers to pray over her. When they ministered to her in Jesus’ name, both the fever and the chest pain vanished. Praise the Lord for healing young Rina so wonderfully and graciously.    

All the glory to God!

Thank you so much for your intercessory prayers and financial support.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in Orissa
June 2019