More reports from Pastor Albert Kang

In His own quiet way, God is showing His healing power among my friends who came from 19 countries. I have not been a convincing evangelist and so there are still many who do not bat an eyelid concerning the “authority to heal in the context of of preaching the Gospel”. Many are steeped in their own church cultures while some doubt about the authenticity of the healing experience. However, in spite of all these, the Lord is merciful. I believe because He wants all His servants who are now attending this institution to respond to His Words and experience signs and wonders when they share the Gospel. Among the miracles that happened are the following:

DP is a Christian leader from India. One day, before breakfast, I saw him walking with difficulty down the stairs. Upon asking, I found out that he had a bad accident before and so his legs hurt when he climbed the steps. He consented to be healed and in the name of Jesus I took authority over his legs. I did that for about four times and after each time I asked him to try walking up and down the stairs. He did and he praised God that his legs felt much better. Today, he is walking without the difficulty as compared to what he had felt before. Praise the Lord.

Sasha is a pastor from Kyrgyzstan. During our Sunday trip to the Haleakala National Park, he suddenly had a bad headache. When we visited the Visitors’ Center, he choose to stay in the car. I offered to “pray” for his headache. As he was sitting at the back of the car, I turned and laid my right hand on his forehead. I rebuked the headache sternly in the name of Jesus. Sasha immediately felt relief. On the second command, his headache was gone completely. He was thrilled and later was able to testify in class to the glory of God.

Valdnei is a Christian leader from Brazil. While we were shopping at Wal-Mart, he told me that he had a headache. So, we stopped by the side of the shopping aisle and I laid hands on him. In spite of other shoppers looking at us and wondering what we were doing, I commanded the headache to leave in the name of Jesus. He immediately said that he was well. However, after he walked to the next aisle, he said that the headache had returned. So, once again, the authority of God was exercised. Valdnei smiled in his own inimitable way and proclaimed that he was completely healed of his headache. One of the shoppers, who looking at us, also smiled and gave a thumb-up sign. We praise God that Jesus could heal us anywhere and at any place. 

Before the Regional Presentation last Wednesday, Igna who is a Christian leader from Indonesia was supposed to play the role of an Indonesian fisherman. However, he complained of dizziness and decided that he needed to rest. Upon hearing the news about his illness, I rushed to his room. Igna was most willing to receive the healing from the Lord and I could see his faith. As I commanded the dizziness to go, he was feeling better. By the fourth time, he felt well enough and stopped me from continuing. However, he felt that he should still rest. I went for the Regional presentation, thinking that we may not have a fisherman in our play on that day. When the Brazilian team and the Central Asian team presented their presentation, Igna walked into the authoditorium. He told me that he was well enough to play his role. He did a great job in the presentation. Praise God for His mercy and healing power upon our brother. 

I praise God that Jesus has given us authority and power to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons when we preach the Gospel. I pray that all our brothers from 19 countries will exercise their authority to heal and do miracles when they preach the Gospel. All we need to do is to exercise faith and exercise the authority given by our precious Lord and Savior.

God bless,

Pastor Albert
Elijah Challenge Asia